What's your favorite part?

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    What's your favorite part?

    Post by JiMin161 on Sat 4 Sep - 5:54

    Hi everyone!
    It's my first post on the site and I hope you will enjoy this!

    Well, now about our dear YooChun... What's your favorite thing about him? His look? A weird hobby you found out about him. Anything! Well, for me... I LOVE YooChun hands. I've always been attracked to hands and just seeing his hands kills me rabbit ! And to add another thing I like about him, his voice. It's deep and how he impresses me when he sings, like in Love In The Ice,... His high note is very impressive! I've always thought ChangMin, JaeJoong and JunSu were the ones that could sing high enough but YooChun just made my thoughts changed XD Anyway, what's your favorite thing about him? I want to know!

    Always Keep The Faith, Christal <3

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