[TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later


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    [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    Post by ♥SarangYooChun. on Tue 3 Mar - 11:16

    [News] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    20 years later. . .
    “Mom, what are you crying for? Is the TV showing something really sad? Artists are singing but why is mommy crying?”
    “Child you see it’s TVXQ and at their front is Cassiopeia”
    “Mommy, what are TVXQ and Cassiopeia?”
    “This has to be keep as a secret from daddy, TVXQ was someone I once love more than your father”
    “Then what about Cassiopeia?”
    “That was once a presence of people who loved TVXQ. . .”
    “Are TVXQ incredible singers?”
    “Umm, they are not just singers moreover they are the most handsome and the greatest artists”
    “Ahh~ Then why is mommy crying? Sad because TVXQ came on?”
    “No… Happy… Really happy… In such busy years I have forgotten about them, forgotten about our promise to be together forever…. I feel very sorry… but at the same time i feel happy.. the old days was nice… was once crazy for them… smile for them… when I cried for them… Ah~ I really miss it… really really miss it…”
    “Mommy… don’t cry, don’t cry mommy”
    “Child, mommy is very happy… thankful that they are still as one, still comply with our promise we made back then…… thankful to them for their effort to sing for us, their living efforts… Now thinking back i feel…. somewhere in the corner of my heart there’s still this warmth flowing inside…”
    “Mom, looks like you’re same as me, still just like a child…”
    “If I can go back in time… Go back to… let me go back to those unforgettable days…”

    Actually, there’s nothing more to say…
    Because after that, there will only be “once loved them before, will still continue to love them” these words…
    10 years. 20 years. 30 years…
    As long as they are still in our world,
    TVXQ, and us cassiopeia will be together forever…
    Whether I’m a mother, a grandmother…
    Cassiopeia and TVXQ will be together for eternity. . .

    -The End-

    credit: baidu
    translation: crazee@tvxqfever
    shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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    Re: [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    Post by huongle on Tue 3 Mar - 11:38

    Such a touching story. I don't know but i guess i won't be loving DBSK like i am now in 20 years time XD

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    Re: [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    Post by chunnified on Tue 3 Mar - 15:49

    this totally made me see things in another perspective.
    imagine us all 20 years from now...
    right now im too young so the image doesnt come too easily
    however, of course we'll still be loving our dbsk ;D <3
    we loved, loved some more, loved never less & will continuing loving our tvxq!

    thanks for sharing <3
    park youn ha
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    Re: [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    Post by park youn ha on Wed 4 Mar - 0:44

    kya!!~ Razz
    i somehow can understand~
    whether will we be loving and supporting tvxq 20 years from now?
    will we be happy for them if they get married (gyabo!!~i wanna cry just thinking bout it Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad )
    but one thing for sure~
    even if it's 20 or 30 years from now,they will still be my one and only favourite group.. lol! Smile Smile
    tvxq hwaiting!!~
    *gonna keep a special place for them in my heart* Razz

    thanx for sharing the news~~ Wink

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    Re: [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

    Post by Alexa004 on Thu 5 Mar - 5:42

    wow .
    What a touching story!
    really good!
    and yeah we will continue loving our oppas!
    Thank you for sharing ^^

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    Re: [TRANS] A Korean Cassiopeia’s Essay - Us 20 Years Later

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