Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?


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    Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by cottonpops on Wed 11 Mar - 16:55

    As long as I've been a fan of Yoochun, I've never heard/seen him having a six-pack abs except in this photo. I like this whole look of his! It gives out a masculine aura. If only he shows a little bit of muscles or abs. He's fine the way he is. But I'm just saying you know, girls tend to like a little bit of muscles heh Wink (Credits as tagged)

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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by chunnified on Sun 15 Mar - 13:49

    hey, im all for the muscles.
    but of course, since im biased, chun is an exception.
    im okai whether he has abs/muscles or he doesnt.
    health is most important.
    & recently, chun looks pretty healthy to me ! : D

    thanks for sharing the droolworthy photo ; )


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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by huongle on Sun 15 Mar - 13:57

    I've always found DBSK members weird. Their bodies seem to change... all the time to me o____O Like, i watched one performance and they all looked muscular, sixpack and stuffs.and then i watched another one, those muscles all disappeared ;__;

    I guess muscles are quite easy to lose after a period of no training, especially since they're too busy. So even though to me, Yoochun has the least muscular body in DBSK, it's still good enough Laughing



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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by applepieprinces on Sun 15 Mar - 14:23

    huongle wrote:I've always found DBSK members weird. Their bodies seem to change... all the time to me o____O

    so true i wonder where all jaejoong arm muscle went. cause i remember it was crazy big but now... >___<.

    anyway im thankful that yoochun naturally has a good boy i swear he looks good with fat or without it. well though i like him with muscles i cant complain :X

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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by nanadnakatsu on Mon 16 Mar - 0:41

    Haha yeah, and applepieprincess, if I'm not mistaken Jaejoong lost his muscular arms and upper bodies on purpose, he thought they looked too big. He told this in Sukira FM. Haha Jaejoongie always know what's best for his body and image doesn't he?

    And Yoochun was never a muscular member since the beginning isn't he? And he seemed not bothered about training his muscle and stuff, and that's what attracted me to him in the first place. He's not jealous of anything (except with Junsu), he just love the members so much to be jealous of them Very Happy:D

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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by spiffy_muffin on Sat 4 Apr - 14:46

    My friend used the full picture of this as her desktop wallpaper. I walked into her computer room one day and, seeing it for the first time, totally flipped out. xD I practically started hyperventilating while she doubled over in laughter. >_>;

    It's so.. Shocked

    x. A N N I E
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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by x. A N N I E on Tue 14 Apr - 19:37

    this is probably the first i've seen him with a pack
    mostly his stomach is so flat
    but he looks good with a pack though
    their body changes so much.
    a few months their buff and the next their back to their skinny self

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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

    Post by `Niiie on Tue 21 Apr - 23:40

    yoochun is the most scrawny guy with no abs in dbsk
    but i have no complain.
    with or without, i'm all for him ^^

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    Re: Yoochun's Six-Pack Abs?

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