[SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

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    [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

    Post by cottonpops on Tue 17 Mar - 15:53

    Title: Kiss The Baby Sky
    Author: cottonpops
    Genre: Song Fiction
    Rating: General
    Lenght: 1,536 words
    Author's note: Ga In (Changmin's lover) had to leave him for studies and Yoochun composed for him Kiss The Baby Sky. This is, afterall a fiction you know. So enjoy! P.S Lyrics at the end taken from dbskarchives

    ‘Hyung, if you love someone, you are willing to do anything for her sake right?’ Changmin asked as he continued gazing out of the window.

    Yoochun who was sitting next to him on the sofa, looked at him in disbelief.

    ‘Yah maknae, you okay? Yoochun said.

    ‘I think so but you haven’t answered my question yet,’ Changmin replied bluntly.

    ‘Okay, mianhe. I suppose if you are in love, you will want the very best for her yes,’ the slightly concerned Yoochun told his little maknae.

    With Changmin still gazing out of the window, the atmosphere took a wrong turn. There was an awkward silence between the boys. Yoochun could not contain his concern for Changmin.


    ‘Hyung, she’s leaving. And I don’t know what to do,’ Changmin shifted his attention to Yoochun’s direction with the saddest expression that Yoochun had not seen for a long time.

    ‘Changmin-ah, what happened?’

    ‘She’s offered to study in a dance school overseas. She’s leaving and she won’t be back,’ Changmin stuttered on his few last words, trying to suppress his tears.

    Yoochun went over to Changmin and embraced him.

    ‘She will be at the other end of the world. It’s gonna be hard for us to contact considering our busy schedule in the future. Hyung, I just don’t know what to do,’ this time Changmin could no longer hide his tears.

    Yoochun stroke Changmin on his hair and tightened his embrace. He felt sorry for Changmin and wished he could share the pain. The relationship was too precious to let it slip away. After all, Changmin had to approach the hard way in order to obtain that relationship. Nobody knew better how important this relationship was to Changmin other than the boys.

    ‘Yah maknae, this is an opportunity for her to realise her dreams. I know it’s difficult for you but you should be happy for her. Happy that she is able pursue her dreams,’ Yoochun looked at Changmin’s wet face and wipe the tears away.

    ‘Be strong, Changmin-ah. She needs your support right now. She can be across the ocean from you but your love for her won’t change. I’m sure this is not easy for her either,’ Yoochun said trying to console his little maknae.

    ‘So you mean I should let go of her?’

    ‘Changmin-ah, I know you can make the right decisions,’ Yoochun patted on Changmin’s shoulder and left him alone with his own thoughts.

    Changmin watched with blinking eyes as his hyung entered the bedroom. He took out his phone from his
    left pocket, dialled a number and waited for an answer. He stared at the ceiling, thinking. His thoughts were interrupted with a familiar voice at the other end of the line.

    ‘We need to talk,’ Changmin said calmly and left the living room.

    Back in Yoochun’s bedroom, he was lying on bed. He ran his fingers across his head, feeling the softness in his hair. Suddenly, his face lit up, the kind of expression he showed when he had an idea. He rushed out of bed and went into his composing room. Yoochun pressed the keyboard with his magic fingers. Then he started to scribble some notes and words on paper. He went on until night time came.

    Knock knock!

    ‘Yoochun-ah, what are you doing?’ Yunho came in around half past 8 to check on his members.

    ‘Composing,’ Yoochun responded to his leader without leaving his eyes off the paper.

    Yunho replied with a simple yes and left Yoochun undisturbed. He wondered about Changmin's whereabouts as the living room was empty when JaeHoSu arrived home after their schedule. Probably he went out somewhere, Yunho thought.

    At half past 10, Jaejoong called out the others for dinner. Yoochun came out of the room, stretching his aching body. Junsu was already on the dining table, while Yunho helped serve the table. As every member was busy preparing to eat dinner, they heard the front door open. It was Changmin, just in time for dinner. All eyes were on Changmin when he entered the kitchen.

    ‘Where did you go, Changmin-ah?’ Yunho asked.

    ‘I met someone. I’m hungry,’ Changmin sat beside Junsu and get ready his chopsticks.

    ‘Yah yah, go wash your hands first!’ ordered Jaejoong.

    Changmin got up and walked towards the sink. JaeHoSu were looking at each other, puzzled to see their little maknae acting so weird. Yoochun began to realise the gawky situation and so he decided to start a conversation.

    ‘Jaejoong-ah, what did you cook?’

    The boys carried on with dinner as usual, except Changmin who talked lesser than always. The night passed on like all other nights. Soon enough, the apartment lights were out but not Yoochun’s composing room. He wanted to finish the song he started earlier, else he could not sleep a wink.

    (Five days later)

    ‘Please take care of yourself. I wish you success in getting your dreams,’ Changmin’s voice shaking as he looked at the girl he loves, for the last time.

    ‘Changmin-ah, you take care too. Please find your happiness in the near future. And just so you know, I will always remember you,’ Ga In said with softness and comfort in her voice as she reached out for the boy in front of her, the boy who stole her heart.

    ‘Changmin-ah, saranghae,’ she whispered in Changmin’s ears as the tears of sadness keeps flowing out. Ga In dried her tears with the back of her hands and dazed into Changmin’s eyes.

    She could see the melancholy in Changmin’s eyes. Ga In turned away because she could no longer witness the pain. She approached the other boys and said her goodbyes. Each of the boys hugged her lightly and wished for her happiness, health and success. Ga In came back in front of Changmin, kissed him on the cheeks and walked away.

    One step, two steps. On her sixth step, she stopped and looked back.

    ‘Oppa, please help my Changmin-sshi smile again!’ Ga In shouted unexpectedly.

    ‘Of course, we will even spank him if he doesn’t!’ Junsu replied back, and the boys continue waving.

    ‘Ga In, I will always love you,’ the little heartbroken maknae said, as his hyungs simultaneously turned to look at his direction.

    The airport was quite and cold. Yunho grabbed Changmin’s shoulder and gave him an encouraging squeeze. They both exchanged a nod. In Changmin’s mind, nothing seemed to bother him. Except for Ga In’s image, telling him to find his happiness soon and her whispers.

    Junsu offered to drive them to the airport with his car. As they left the airport, Yoochun suggested to him that they should drop by Hans River before heading home. The journey to Hans River was filled with silence. Jaejoong could not stand the quietness so he randomly talked about the weather and stuff. As they reached Hans River, the five of them walked in a straight row, with Changmin sandwiched between his caring hyungs.

    ‘Changmin-ah, if you feel like crying, shouting or anything at all, now’s the right time,’ Yoochun said.

    ‘Thank you, hyung. The four of you is all I need with me right now.’

    (Later at home)

    ‘Yah everyone, come in for a while!’ Yoochun called out for the boys.

    ‘You are not helping me with the dishes and you dare call me to your room?’ Jaejoong complained while he was busy doing the dishes after their dinner.

    ‘Aigoo, drop the dishes and come here yah! Junsu will help you later.’

    ‘Yah yah, I did the dishes yesterday!’ Junsu protested.

    Amidst the noise, Yunho shaked his head upon hearing his members argue. He and Changmin walked in the room quietly. When everyone has gathered, Yoochun started playing his keyboard.

    (Music starts)

    ‘Changmin-ah, this is for you Kiss The Baby Sky,’ Yoochun said as his fingers pressed the keyboard.

    Yoochun sang a portion of it, when Jaejoong grabbed the music sheet. He started singing along, Junsu joined him after a few lines. Yunho patted Changmin’s shoulder as Changmin was focusing on Yoochun playing on the piano. Finally, he managed a smile on his face.

    (Music ends)

    ‘Yoochun-ah, this song might be too high for us. But never mind, we will give it a try,’ Junsu commented.

    ‘Changmin-ah, I’m happy to see your smile,’ Yoochun said as he started to noticed Changmin’s face.

    ‘This song makes me happy, how can I not smile?’

    ‘Assa, our maknae has started to smile. Congrats! We don’t have to spank you afterall ouh!’ Yunho landed a playful punch on Changmin’s stomach.

    ‘Chongmal? Aigoo, I was really anticipating that actually,’ Jaejoong heaved out a sigh that made the boys erupt with laughter.

    ‘I hope this song will appear in our Japanese album somehow!’

    ‘Hyung, since it made me happy, I’m sure it will!’ Changmin exclaimed.

    All I do is reminisce this time
    Today it was you and I
    Darling I know you can give me no more
    Every line you wrote, the smile
    Time to move on

    Never cry, Never ever hide yourself from me.
    Please smile always in the future, just the way you have, with me

    Baby Sky All the dreams and hopes are made of your eyes.
    Tomorrow, certainly the sky will clear up, just like you are here with me

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    Re: [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

    Post by huongle on Wed 18 Mar - 13:28

    Yoochun is so so so so so so so sweet ~ ;A; Poor little Changmin, and i really love this origin of Baby Sky, such a touching story, but it's very realy Smile

    You get better and better as i read more of your fanfics Adhah Wink

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    Re: [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

    Post by mickybabysusu on Wed 18 Mar - 14:18

    ooo the story is good!!!
    i love how the lyrics blend in so well with the fic at the end of it! and it's a really sweet storyline Wink
    you're a really good writer! Very Happy
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    Re: [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

    Post by cottonpops on Wed 18 Mar - 14:44

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! bounce Razz
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    Re: [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

    Post by chunnified on Thu 19 Mar - 11:55

    omg, i have goosebumps reading your fic !
    another great fic by cottonpops : )
    i love the message behind your whole story
    & i love that you used such a beautiful song like Kiss The Baby Sky

    thanks for sharing ~

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    Re: [SONGFIC] Kiss The Baby Sky

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