[NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP


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    [NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

    Post by shangomar on Mon 23 Mar - 5:13

    032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

    Tohoshinki appeared at Fuji TV music program “Our Music” stage.

    Aired on March 20th, host of the program was member of Japan’s local boyband SMAP, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi who shared conversation directly with Tohoshinki, providing another attraction of this show.

    Tohoshinki in the previous Fuji TV popular program SMAP x SMAP ever revealed, “It’s so nice to work with SMAP, they already make a progress for almost 20 years after their debut.”

    Tohoshinki performed 3 songs in the show, SMAP’s R&B ballad songs which was released on August 2000 and sold 1,580,000 copies - “Lion Heart”, 1982 released song by a legendary Japan group “Off Course” - “Kotoba Ni Dakenai”, and their own song from 25th single “Bolero”. Tohoshinki’s voice was so appealing.

    After the broadcast, in “Our Music” official homepage, various comments such as “I’m so impressed by the harmonization of Tohoshinki,” and “I want to listen to the songs more” kept coming.

    In the followed conversation after the performances, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi tried to make a resemblance of Tohoshinki members and SMAP members.

    He said “Jaejoong has a handsome face just like Takuya Kimura,

    Yunho loves movie just like Goro Inagaki,

    Changmin’s face is kinda similar to Katori Shingo,

    Yoochun has the same flowery image just like Masahiro Nakai,

    and Junsu loves to talk cold gag, it really resembles me (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi).”

    Source: gounworld@yna.co.kr
    Trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
    Shared by: tvxqfever @blogspot.com
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    Re: [NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

    Post by chunnified on Mon 23 Mar - 6:14

    LOLLL i find the resmeblances interesting.
    but then again, i dont know SMAP all that well.
    i'll be looking out for the videos of these perfs : )

    thanks for sharing.
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    Re: [NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

    Post by Nobuchan on Mon 23 Mar - 8:20

    shangomar wrote:
    Yoochun has the same flowery image just like Masahiro Nakai,

    They doooooo <333333333333333333333 I love Nakai and DEFINITELY I love Micky <33 waaa ~
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    Re: [NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

    Post by mickybabysusu on Tue 24 Mar - 2:17

    ohh... 0_0
    i dunno bout the resemblance since i dunno much bout SMAP.
    and i thought jae is beautiful? lol!
    but i totally agree, takuya kimura is fuhrigging handsome! he just doesn't age for some reason. scratch
    still, thanks for sharing (=
    the performances were breathtaking I love you

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    Re: [NEWS] 032209 Resemblance of THSK and SMAP

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