Music Corner RULES~


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    Music Corner RULES~

    Post by shangomar on Mon 23 Mar - 9:11

    Hey all!
    Welcome to the Music Corner!
    Here we could enjoy discussing the world of music. Cool
    I'll just be updating you with some changes in the thread rules. It wouldn't hurt to be organized, right?

    ♥️This is a GENERAL Music discussion forum. This means that ONLY videos, music and photos NOT RELATED TO DBSK will be posted here.

    ♥️ No bashing in here please...

    ♥️ Anyone could be a topic starter. No duplication of topics please.

    ♥️ Labels will still be used. However, there are slight changes to it:

    -Anyone who wants to open a thread for an artist or group, please label with the artist's country origin. For example:
    [KOR] Super Junior
    [US]Jonas Brothers
    NOTE: For topic starters, an artist's profile should be included in the first post.
    Also, all questions, requests and file sharing should be posted at the respective artist's thread.

    -Random discussions on music, such as genres or other music interests should be labeled with [DISC]. Example:
    [DISC]Which is more important in a song?
    lyrics or tune
    -Polls are excluded(as they already are labeled)
    -Games are added now added in this subforum, labeled as [GAME]

    ♥️ Direct download links are welcome here. Quoting jessoyouknow: If you are really a fan, you would purchase these artists' merchandise.

    ♥️ Observe Crediting, okay? This serves as a 'thank you' to the owners of the shared stuff..Smile

    Have fun posting! XD

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