[FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

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    [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by rdbsk on Thu 2 Apr - 2:00

    This is a spin-off from DBSK’s Banjun Drama , Tokyo Holiday. For those of u who havent watched it … I suggest u do ..this story initially has Hong Soo Hyun... but plz remeebr this is a YunGi fic .. So Bae Seul Gi will be coming in .. in the later part of the story

    The sands of time

    (Previously known as "I got you, under my skin " - This title didnt really go with the theme, so I decided to change it)

    ---> DBSK
    ---> Bae Seul Gi
    ---> Jang Ri Yin
    --->Park Ga Hee
    --->Lee Yeon Hee
    --->Goh Ara

    Minor characters and Cameo :

    ---> Super Juinor
    ---> Kwon BoA
    ---> Big Bang
    ---> Lee Hyori
    ---> SNSD
    ---> Yoo Jae Suk
    ---> Kang Ho Dong
    ---> Hong Soo Hyun

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    Chapter 1 : Wats up wid Leader-sshi ?!?!

    "Hyung, Did u notice something ? " Micky nudged Jaejoong .

    “Ever since we returned from the Japan Tour, Yunho hyung seems kind of distant and I don’t know.. Lost ? , and I’ve even caught him smiling to himself and mumbling something Like '‘Aaaisssh…that Peonte”

    ““Yeah, me too. These days he seems to be fidgetting with his phone a lot and staring off into space every now and then. “” Junsu chipped in.

    Slowly a sly smile spread across Jaejoong’s handsome face. ““Yaaa!” ” He said in a conspiratory whisper to Micky and Junsu. ““You think…?? ””

    Before JJ could finish.. Changmin , who was being quiet alll this time and apparently not interested in the conversation, out of the blues, said “Hes in love, Isnt it obvious??””

    "Aiish, that Punk, as if he knows sooooo much about being in love!!" Junsu exclaimed , in a non-so-impressed-by-Changmin’s-knowledge tone as Changmin walked off to make himself noodles for "pre-dinner" dinner .

    "Yeah. Sure does;He knows all about love. Food love to be precise" Chuckled Jaejoong.

    "Hyung!!! You all are alway making fun of me cuz I’m the youngest !!" said Changmin , sounding offended.

    "Junsu-yah, let him be !! " Micky, thoughtful as ever, came to his Dongaseng's rescue, although he couldnt help let out a small laugh himself.

    "Yeah so , Hyung, You were saying ..Yunho hyung might be …??" Junsu froze as Yunho strode into the living rooom ..and paled visibly as a sinister image of JunG YunHo shooting him began to form in his mind :


    JunSu shut his eyes tight, expecting the bullet to come ANYTIME now




    He opened one eye, and sighed in relief when no bullet came sighed in relief...onlly to realise , he let out too soon !!

    “Yaaaa ! KIM JUNSU ! So ? What were u saying about me ?”” Yunho growled as he walked into the previously spotless (Spotless thanks to Jaejoong’s obsessive cleaning and wiping and scrubbing) living room , with that trademark lazy swagger, shoes on, leaving a trail of “puppy-paws“ (as Changmin puts it) behind him ..
    “A-aa-aaniya..amotto aaniya !!! H-hh-hyung…come sit with us ! ” A flustered Junsu Pointed towards the cushion next to him .

    “Ye… Hyung.. We were just talking about your amazing taste in clothes and accessories !”
    Micky tried to cover up for Junsu who cowered behind him as Yunho shot murderous glances

    “Yeah , Yunho-ya, Junsu was just saying “So You think ..Yunho Hyung …might be…selected as brand ambassador for CK mens underwear, Asia division ?”

    Jaejoong smartly smoothened the situation as he ‘completed’ Junsu's line ! Cool Cool Cool

    “Aaah…that..haha, and I thought u were gossiping about me , behind my back”
    Yunho’s handsome featured relaxed into that gorgeous smile that has fan girls swooning all over.

    Behind him , Micky and Junsu exchanged uncomfortable glances.

    Changmin sniggered from between mouthfuls of noodles and Yunho raised an eyebrow “Wait a sec..WERE YOU??”

    Jaejoong hit Changminnie on the head “Yaaa, whats wrong with you?!?”

    “Yaaa ! Napun jashik !! Why can’t you eat in peace?? ” Junsu glowered at Changmin, who wasn’t the least bit intimidated. He gave a non-committal shrug and went back to eating.

    “Hyung, come sit ! Ill get u a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice our Junsu-ya made this afternoon” Micky offered his cutest smile.

    “Naaah..Im tired..I guess Ill just go take a shower and sleep , You guys enjoy the Pizza I got for u” said Yunho , pointing towards the stack of Pizzas on the dining table.

    “J-jjj-jongmal Komawo , Hyung !!!” Junsu said squeaked, appearing suspiciously releived , that caused Yunho to narrow his eyes and when the latter turned away, “Phew , that was close!!”

    “Yaaa !! Napun Gashik ! You almost got our butt kicked today ! ” Micky scolded the maknae.

    “Well, you guys keep kicking mine…So I thought I’d give u a taste of some of your medicine ! ”
    Changmin stuck out his tongue at them and went off to wash his bowl.

    “Yah, he wasn’t entirely wrong you know ! We do pick on him” Micky said, somewhat guiltily

    “Its cuz he’s such a prat !” Junsu said with a sour expression on his face .

    "Aiisshh...Come On...Let’s eat" Micky said.

    "Looks like Old Boy really is in love, He become so sweet, getting us Pizza and all"

    Jaejoong mused...


    (To Be Continued..., Plz read and review and feel free to share ur Ideas... This story is not just a love story..it will also go on to show the bonding between the DBSK members..so the initial chapter was devoid of any mush and romance..hehe..this is my first tym writing..so I guess its pretty lousy, so Plz bear up


    ---> Poster by the AMAZING purplexazn95 @ http://music-aholicxd.blogspot.com/
    ---> Character chart by the SUPER-COOL Amy @ http://music-aholicxd.blogspot.com/

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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by huongle on Thu 2 Apr - 14:30

    I really like your pictures in the fic, they make the fic so much more lively flower

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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by rdbsk on Thu 2 Apr - 15:02

    huongle wrote:I really like your pictures in the fic, they make the fic so much more lively flower

    Thanks Huong Wink Wink
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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by DiaRahim on Wed 22 Apr - 12:09

    Love it...with those pictures you put, it really does like Huong said making the story more lively, and interesting ^^
    Can't wait for the next chapter =)
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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by SweetieHoneyKisses on Sat 3 Oct - 17:18


    they must have been reallly tryna get on his good side/..
    Seriously,freshly squeezed orange juice?!?!?!?
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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

    Post by rdbsk on Sun 4 Oct - 14:04

    Thanks Smile im glad u like it

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    Re: [FANFIC] The Sands Of Time

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