JJ made Yoochun angry or hurt?

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    JJ made Yoochun angry or hurt?

    Post by sosunny on Thu 2 Apr - 9:01

    link to part4


    Very old clip round about their promotion time of O.

    This is probably the first time seeing Yoochun is angry to a member.
    He kept avoiding eye contact with jj till the end, but jj looked like trying to cool down Yoochun but he made it worse by teasing more.

    Now Yoochun didn't mind JJ talking about his stare to the girls anymore (in come to play).

    I think he is really matured now.

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    Re: JJ made Yoochun angry or hurt?

    Post by huongle on Thu 2 Apr - 11:25

    LOL this show is so gay lol! but Yoochun's as cute as usual, poor Jaejoong XD

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    Re: JJ made Yoochun angry or hurt?

    Post by chunnified on Thu 16 Apr - 21:39

    LOLLLLLLL this is such a dorky show, but its hilaaaaaarious 8D
    im pretty sure chun's not mad at jae ahah
    jae made a joke, they live together, theyre grown men lol
    that wasnt something to be mad about ahha
    and if you watch yoochun, he laughs/smiles at jaejoong when jae was teasing him.
    theres so many pairings in this one video cheers
    oh changmin, he makes me laugh pig

    thanks for sharing.

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    Re: JJ made Yoochun angry or hurt?

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