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    Post by nanadnakatsu on Mon 2 Feb - 14:26

    Hello fashionistas!

    Welcome to this site, a Micky Yoochun's fashion forward forum. To all the new viewers, this forum is dedicated to all Yoochun's fashion fans, craving for a place to speak their words out about Yoochun's fashion from their own P.O.V. We knew just how much you'd like to share your opinions about his style since Yoochun has always been fashion forward; ever since his involvement in the Hallyu Entertainment World, so please make yourself at home here and feel free to share pictures, images and words.

    We will open up several forums, and will always update the site so please visit those according to your liking. Don't open a new thread for an existing topic.

    Please name your threads properly so members can pick the topics they're most interested to. You should name them at the beginning of your titles;

    [HAIRSTYLE]; for topics concerning Yoochun's and member's hairstyle.
    [IMAGE]; for his looks and whole body image.
    [STYLE]; for his style and fashion individuality .
    [FASHION]; for his clothing choice.

    Please, feel free to name them according to what you feel most right. Smile

    This website gives you freedom to speak, but you must also have the sensibilities to think about others and how they would react to your answers. Make sure there are no hatred/racism in your comments.
    Respect others.
    Make sure to have credits to the sites/people you took those pictures from.

    The moderators are here to answer to your problems. Feel free to ask anything. Don't worry, we won't bite Wink


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