031207 TVXQ Pre-debut Hug Performance

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    031207 TVXQ Pre-debut Hug Performance

    Post by cottonpops on Sat 2 May - 1:38


    I get emotional seeing this clip. They really look like they're bursting in enthusiasm. And considering their ages at that point of time, it's just wow. Changmin looks so young! Haha I keep locking my eyes at Yoochun's luscious lips afro

    You can hear them strain while singing and that is why I'm not sure if they were singing live or lip-synching. Anyone can clarify? They have come a long way since then. If anyone still consider them Idols after looking back at their achievements etc, it's just sad!

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    Re: 031207 TVXQ Pre-debut Hug Performance

    Post by huongle on Sat 2 May - 2:25

    I'm pretty sure that was lipsync. But yeah, they were very enthusiastic Very Happy /cries i think Changmin changed the least of them all ^^;;

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    Re: 031207 TVXQ Pre-debut Hug Performance

    Post by chunnified on Sat 2 May - 23:32

    that video is really precious.
    changmin, he said it himself, his face doesnt change at all haha
    i think hes the same minnie boy we know today : )
    but who knew that from being little cute maknae that he'd be the giant out of the five ? : ) <3
    leader yunho ! : D
    really, he was so awesome ^^
    hes changed alot o-o but not in a bad way of course,
    leader is much more manlier but really dorky now : D
    jae, hes changed the most i would say haha
    in personality, not really.
    but looks, YES. he was so innocent lol : )
    junsu, he seems pretty much the same to me hehe
    yoochun, he was so adorable back then and he still is.
    the american boy lmao
    hes changed tooooo.
    dbsk overall, has not changed but grew and improved : D
    they really were enthusiastic lmao
    i spot jaejoong's tiny mess up but hey,
    he played it off slickly ; )
    i could go on and on but i dont want to : )
    i love this perf !!! : D <3

    thanks for sharing ~

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    Re: 031207 TVXQ Pre-debut Hug Performance

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