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    [FANFIC] TVXQ Forever

    Post by cottonpops on Sun 3 May - 12:26

    Title: TVXQ Forever
    Author: cottonpops
    Genre: scratch
    Rating: General
    Lenght: 816 words
    Author's note: Well I decided this will be something different from my other fan-fictions. I can't decide on the genre though. Haha anyway, please enjoy and as always, tell me your views Wink

    The atmosphere in the apartment was much tensed. The boys seemed to forget the coldness of that night. The constant arguing was tearing the silence of the night. DBSK’s little maknae, looked at his hyungs with worried eyes. Pure sadness was the only thing that he could conclude from his hyungs’ facial expressions. His heart suddenly weighed with burden, burden to cure the sadness that filled the apartment. Tears of anger and disappointment rolled down Yoochun’s cheeks. He tried to swallow his sadness and hide his tears but it was too overwhelming. As he pinched the bridge of his nose while looking down at the tiles, he couldn’t help but cried more. He wished that their problems would wash away with his tears but in reality, he knew it was impossible.

    As everyone knew how good natured Junsu was, he too was filled with anger. His simple minded self disappeared in the midst of the tension that engulfed the atmosphere. There was an unusual silence after their argument. Even in this catastrophe, Yunho wasn’t in the right mind to savage the situation like he always did. What’s happening, was the only question that lingered in Jaejoong’s mind. He tried to stay as positive as possible.

    ‘It has been a tough day, all of you should take a long rest,’ finally Yunho summoned the courage to speak up as he couldn’t bear to see the plight that his boys were in.

    ‘Hyung, have a goodnight sleep. Sweet dreams,’ Changmin tried to lighten the tension that was going on. He had to express his concerns. The little maknae walked pass his hyungs and went to his bedroom, hoping for a better tomorrow.

    One by one, the boys left the living room and entered their bedrooms. Yoochun stood up from his seat, Yunho touched his shoulder tenderly and they both looked in each other’s eyes.

    ‘Yoochun-ah, uljimma ouh. You do not want to wake up with that kind of eyes tomorrow,’ Yunho trying to comfort Yoochun after seeing his endless tears.

    ‘Hyung, we will be fine right?’ Yoochun said, trying to sound convincing. It was the only thing he could afford to say at that moment.

    ‘Of course we will, Yoochun-ah. Sleep well okay,’ Yunho replied.

    Yoochun left him alone in the living room and went to bed as instructed. Only after seeing the other boys settling down, that Yunho could have his mind at peace. He sat on the sofa and stared at the clock, clueless about what to expect. He was alone, accompanied by the sound of the ticking clock. He prayed silently that God would help him find a solution. As the night grew deeper, he continued praying.

    In the boys’ bedroom, neither of them was asleep.

    Jaejoong could still hear the little cries that Yoochun let out. He turned to face Yoochun’s bed which was beside his. It was sucha dreadful sight to see his soulmate tearing. As if reading Jaejoong’s mind, Yoochun wiped away his tears and looked towards Jaejoong. They were quiet for awhile as they stared at each other faces. Time seemed to freeze, but their hearts were pounding hard.

    ‘Jaejoong-ah, remember the time when all five of us first met? I always thought we were meant for each other and that’s the truth,’ at last Yoochun decided to break the silence.

    ‘Was there any doubts? Although we are going through a rough time right now, we will survive.’

    ‘Like we always have,’ Yoochun replied as they exchange smiles.

    Changmin’s eyes were blinking, looking up at the ceiling as if it was about to fall on him. His restlessness kept Junsu awake as both of them toss around their beds.

    ‘Hyung, do you think the others are asleep?’ Changmin asked.

    ‘Yah maknae, nobody can sleep with our condition like this. Do not worry okay, you should turn in. Good night Changmin-ah,’ Junsu ended their conversation.

    Junsu sighed heavily. He shut his eyes tight and placed his right hand gently on his forehead. Junsu kept thinking that this was one of the days when everything was not going their way. He never felt this upset before but deep down he knew that everything would turn out fine.

    Yunho who was still awake, found a piece of paper on the table and went to get a pen. He started writing down. He felt the urge to let his thoughts flow on that piece of paper.

    Fame and accomplishments come with a price to pay
    We encountered setbacks along our journey that mould our individuality
    Faith is something that should always be stored in our hearts
    We are our very own strengths and the source of our strengths is the people we love
    You and I are going to be together, like we always have all this years
    Nothing as small as a misunderstanding will shake us apart
    TVXQ forever

    Lots of love,
    Jung Yunho

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    Re: [FANFIC] TVXQ Forever

    Post by huongle on Mon 4 May - 4:15


    Another beautiful one Adhah T^T I love the soulmate in this fic so much ♥️ Yunho's such a sweetheart. You should definitely write more Smile

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    Re: [FANFIC] TVXQ Forever

    Post by mickybabysusu on Tue 5 May - 12:03

    aww~~~ this is beautiful!!! *wipes tears*
    seriously! i love the last part (yunho's notes)!!!
    itz very meaningful haha flower
    and awww... jaechun!!! drunken the soulmates are so sweet together (=
    u should write more more more, hon!!! cheers
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    Re: [FANFIC] TVXQ Forever

    Post by chunie on Wed 22 Jul - 2:41

    This "something different'' is actually very good! You should try more genre...

    And i find it funny, YooChun always is the one who cries in your fics ^^

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    Re: [FANFIC] TVXQ Forever

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