[NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

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    [NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

    Post by mickybabysusu on Sat 9 May - 23:02

    Saitama May 9th, 2009

    I just got back from the concert! The arena was full, like the other person mentioned a few posts ago.

    Show started about 6:40 and ended about 9:40 (so 3 hours).

    Junsu had a chair, but he kept getting up and doing a little dancing in place (like moving his hips in time to the music). He walked down to the center twice (perhaps three times, I can’t remember) but you could tell he was trying not to limp and he was walking slowly. I have a fancam of him walking, but my seat was so far away he’s little Sad

    Here is the stage layout:

    And this is the other side, you can see Blocks D & E on the floor.

    Some funny things….

    Yunho: They were talking at the round thing in the middle of the arena and they were taking turns grabbing towels and water. Well, Yunho finally stepped a few feet off the round platform to grab something and it started rising with the other guys on it, so he got on it (it was only a step, not too high) and then he laughed and apologized. It was really cute.

    Yoochun: He kept saying “Minna okay!” which means “everyone okay.” He even said it during Box in the Ship, it was funny. Also, I always think of Yoochun being quiet and relaxed so I was surprised to see how much energy he had tonight. He really impressed me at the show.

    Jaejoong: What can I say, he was great! They made him do this dance thing so he turned around and shook his butt at us (but his shirt was long).

    Changmin: Hahahaha, Yoochun and Yunho picked him up, one at his shoulders and one at his feet and carried him a few feet then sort of dropped/placed him on the stage and ran away. Changmin impressed me too, he had lot of energy and I think he’s a good dancer.

    Junsu: The Japanese fans were very touched when Junsu stood up and walked around, he got a lot of support from everyone. He sang his heart out and it was as moving as always. He was in good spirits and he started trying to participate more at the end of the show. He looked like a green superhero in one of his outfits ~ LOL

    I put the video on Youtube (I opened an extra account in case they copyright it). Like I said, I was sitting far away, but you can see Junsu walking down the path to the center where the other four are waiting for him.

    credit: Chiyase@soompi
    shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

    question. should i upload the video here? it's basically a very tiny junsu walking across the stage...


    gawd the place is sooo frigging huge! .___.
    imagine it packed and glowing red!!! it must be a sight.
    those lucky fans, those lucky lucky fans... *starts mumbling*
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    Re: [NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

    Post by setanlaut on Fri 15 May - 5:37

    u'r so lucky!! lucky girl!! i envy u!! lol!
    thanks for sharing this dear
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    Re: [NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

    Post by `Niiie on Sun 24 May - 13:44

    why is the stadium so empty?

    it's dongbangshinki
    is this taken while you're waiting for everyone to come in?
    there's no way, the stadium can be that little

    anyways, you're so lucky!
    i want to go to their concert & backstage meeting with yoochun so bad
    have so many things to tell him..
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    Re: [NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

    Post by yooshu on Wed 3 Mar - 4:05

    yup..so many things to yell yoochun now..then if i met him...argh,u're so cute n bla3..but that will just stuck on my mind coz i'm gonna be speechless in front of him..i'm very sure of that..lol...

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    Re: [NEWS] 090509 Fan Account of Secret Code Concert in Saitama

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