[NEWS] Sendai “Environmental Protection Concert”

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    [NEWS] Sendai “Environmental Protection Concert”

    Post by nanadnakatsu on Tue 19 May - 3:10

    The county of Sendai organised an “Eco Live Sendai” concert on the 28th of February to increase the youths’ awareness of protecting the environment. Popular K and J pop artists such as LGYankees and TVXQ performed and encouraged the idea of preserving the environment, and an extremely good atmosphere was created.
    “Environmentally Friendly Bags”, “Saving Water” and “Saving Electricity” were the themes of this concert. In between songs, the performers would share their own little tricks on how to care for the environment. For example, Hiro from LGYankees shared about how he would “link caring for the environment to every tiny action [he] does.”
    This year was the fourth year this concert was held. 500 lucky members of the audience received an energy-saving light bulb from a lucky draw.
    The concert will be aired on the 20th at 1.10pm (GMT +9).

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    Source: HB允浩家族
    Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
    Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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