[TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

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    [TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

    Post by nanadnakatsu on Tue 19 May - 3:34


    Everyone was having fun???

    TVXQ is really excited! We are still aiming to present you much and much better performances in the future!

    Because we have you here watching our performances, we’re so glad. We’ll try even harder in the future for everyone who wants to see our concert!

    TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun. Thank you! ^^


    My heart is filled with love from all of you.

    This 3rd live concert ended happily~

    Do you know that in every songs we sang, due to your awesome cheer, we just got more power to perform it til the latest song?

    Everyday, I always wish to stand on the stage like this.. and watching all of you from here.


    Featuring our 4th album, we’re holding our 3rd live concert!!

    All five of us, and also our staffs felt really excited. Maybe even more excited than all of you guys who came to the concert those days.

    It’s so nice to create a memoriable happy memory.

    Thank you to all of you for all the happiness we feel right now!!!


    Korea concert was really exciting and full of happiness…

    The big stage made me nervous, yet your support gave me more power to do harder. Therefore, we could manage to finish our concert!

    To thank you guys for always giving us a cheerful support, we’ll work even harder ^^

    Thank you~ ^^


    Concert is already ended but I still can feel the excitement!

    Were we performing well?

    Up til now, I still can hear your cheer!!!

    The members and staffs united to present you the best performance ever. We did a lot of preparation for this concert.

    I’m too happy that I can’t wait to make another concert in other time!

    Everyone has to take care your health, so that we can share the same happiness on stage once again~ ^^

    See you~

    trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

    Minnnaaa okayyyy?~~~ Very Happy
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    Re: [TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

    Post by amalia on Mon 15 Jun - 21:58

    Hey there Just take care of yourselves , oppas

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    Re: [TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

    Post by huongle on Tue 16 Jun - 1:47

    Ugh, i love these pictures so much they look awesome ♥️ Yunho has his own page, as expected of the leader discriminatory rofl /


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    Re: [TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

    Post by jen0apple on Tue 23 Jun - 23:19

    ahhh i love those pics!..LOLS =]


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    Re: [TRANS] TVXQ’s Messages at MIROTIC Photobook

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