[TRANS] Unreleased Information From Kansai TV


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    [TRANS] Unreleased Information From Kansai TV

    Post by natsunohanabi on Tue 14 Jul - 12:07

    The information below is from Kansai TV’s host, this is the unreleased content from Tohoshinki’s interview which was not broadcasted.

    『Interviewing Tohoshinki』

    The first time I met them was 2 years ago. The members made kimchi soup at the location, even when I look back now, it was a pretty image. Jejung, who was the main person in charge, also praised themselves saying “It’s really delicious!, which was true, it’s the most delicious
    kimchi soup I’ve ever had!

    Also, this time I got everyone to pick a card that contained a question, and the talk for that question focused on the person who picked the card. First up was Yunho, who picked the question “What kind of training do you do in the day?” Along the lines of this topic, when
    asked who was the strongest member, Yuchun said, “I am very weak (T/N: During daytime).” On the opposite end, Jejung surprisingly said, “I don’t feel tired.” Even with such a hectic schedule? Yuchun immediately said that, more accurately, “As I grow older, I feel it after awhile.”

    At the location, we also had an arm wrestling competition. As rumoured, Jejung was the best. However, Changmin has been working out recently, so he’s become more buff and handsome.

    Next, Yuchun picked the question, “Most ideal summer date.” He considered and said, “Since our debut, by the time we can take a rest every year, it’s already winter…” For “Most ideal summer exercise?”,
    Yunho mentioned jet skiing or wakeboarding. As expected of the leader. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are many people who came to welcome them. In the end, all the members decided that the most ideal summer date would be “to go to a coffee house, then a-nation, then fireworks”.

    Please look out for them this summer. That’s all for today. Since there’s a lot of information, it’ll be shared in installments.

    Source: [KB在中家族]
    Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
    Shared by: iscreamshinki.net

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    Re: [TRANS] Unreleased Information From Kansai TV

    Post by mickybabysusu on Sat 18 Jul - 23:39

    Yuchun said, “I am very weak"
    LOL. why am i NOT surprised. Laughing

    and kimchi soup... yum yum! Very Happy

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