[TRANS] Arena 37゜C August 2009 Issue - Part 1 (Personal Interview - About The Tour)


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    [TRANS] Arena 37゜C August 2009 Issue - Part 1 (Personal Interview - About The Tour)

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    Q. Since the tour began, until now, what left the deepest impression on you?
    A. I don't have a deep impression over a particular aspect, rather, I feel really good about the tour as a whole. Although it's intangible, but just by standing on the stage, I can feel that I'm really blessed.

    Q. Unexpectedly (blessed).
    A. Yes. As for the reason, I'm not sure myself, it just feels like that this time around. I like to look down from the stage and look at the expressions of the audience.

    Q. During the MC segment, you previously said that you "could see the audience's expressions".
    A. Yes, to be able to even see their expressions, to think that these thousands, tens of thousand fans are here just to see the 5 of us as Tohoshinki, sometimes it still feels unbelievable. I feel really blessed.

    Q. During the tour, was there anything in particular that made you feel stressed out or that it was difficult?
    A. Before the tour began, Junsu got hurt. He couldn't participate in some performances, so there had to be necessary changes made to the stage and our placement on the stage, but the feelings and the connection between us did not change. Just by looking at Junsu, I get this
    feeling, that to be able to dance together as the 5 of us is not easy and really precious.

    Q. It's really an unforgettable memory. Are you nervous about the tour?
    A. I don't feel nervous. Maybe it's because I'm already familiar with the locations, so I feel really at ease and I get the feeling like "If it's like that, it should be okay". Coming here again, I get really strong feelings like "This year I must do my best too", but without any nervousness or stress.

    Q. During the MC segment at Saitama Super Arena, you were forced to talk about your first kiss by Changmin. You didn't expect that then, right (laugh)?
    A. Yes~! I didn't even expect this kind of topic to come up, I didn't want to talk about
    it (laugh)! But, this kind of topic is really not suitable for that situation!

    Q. But you didn't have a choice then, right (laugh)?
    A. Yes, that's why I felt so helpless... (laugh).

    Q. Well then, the videos that were shown during the Lives also left a deep
    impression, let's talk a little about the filming process.

    A. It's almost like filming a drama, but I also had a little mishap here. My partner was a Russian girl, who didn't know Japanese at all, and we had no way of communicating. What's more, she was even taller than me...

    Q. A girl taller than Jejung?
    A. Her height is roughly the same as mine, but those who are sitting down and watching, will think that the girl is taller (laugh). It seems like her hands are also larger than mine... (laugh).

    Q. I see. Up until right now, was there any moment where you felt like "I must try my best at all costs here"?
    A. During the encore song, the members can actually drink water in the middle, but I couldn't drink then, I had to go straight into the MC segment.

    Q. And that was then followed by the next song?
    A. Yes (laugh). I really worked hard for that!


    Q. For the tour this time around, I heard there's a performance with piano accompaniment. How do you feel about it?
    A. Really! Really! Really! Stressed~ Although I'm already familiar with the atmosphere and surroundings of the arena, it's a little different this time. I can't be careless!!

    Q. Definitely. You have to concentrate on playing the piano as well as sing, it must be difficult.
    A. It's very difficult. For example, if it's just my own part, then there's no problem at all. But because there are many parts where we harmonise together, it becomes more difficult. The melody is also a little different, I have to put in my feelings into the song, that's difficult too... Not just my own voice, but when I play the piano, I have to put in my feelings too.

    Q. You mean to say, that the sound of the piano must have depth of feelings too?
    A. Yes. I think that even if it's a piano, it can be affected by its environment and emit different sounds according to the feelings then. I have to think about playing the piano, and also put in feelings for the song... it's too difficult to have to consider these 2 things together (bitter laugh). But, I feel really blessed when performing too. The 4 others are surrounding the piano singing along! Of course, I also feel the heavy responsibility, but I also feel the joy that I've never felt

    Q. I believe you feel this way because of the chemistry that exists between all of you. By the way, before making the decision to perform on the piano for the tour, you must have practiced a lot, right?
    A. I practiced. In my own room, or at the office.

    Q. Yuchun is also really good at livening up the atmosphere and getting reactions from the audience, is that practiced too (laugh)?
    A. Of course... I didn't practice that (laugh). At that time, I just do whatever my heart feels.

    Q. When shouting out, it feels like Yuchun is leading the shouting.
    A. I just naturally became "in-charge" of this.

    Q. "In-charge" of this (laugh)?
    A. Yes. But it feels really good when shouting. At that moment, it seems like all my feelings can be sent into the hearts of the fans. It's really exciting.

    Q. Is there a segment that you like in particular?
    A. I really like "Purple Line" and "呪文 -MIROTIC-", these 2 songs. Following the beats of the band, it really gets your blood pumping. I still feel that the accompaniment of the live band is the best!

    Q. The atmosphere at the live will also become really high. On the other hand, is there any thing that makes you feel it was a failure?
    A. Previously, I forgot the dance steps to "Share The World" and "O- 正・反・合". It's my first time making a mistake for these 2 songs. It feels like the audience didn't notice it, but I still feel embarassed about it, really sorry!

    Q. Also, in the video that was shown, there's a scene where you were dumped by a girl.
    A. Among the members, there were those who got dumped, and those who did the dumping. Maybe it's because my eyes looks sadder, so they thought that the scene would be more suitable, as I'd be able to portray that sadness... the people around me all think that way (laugh).


    Q. This time, you can sit on the platform and interact with the fans, and the atmosphere also seems different from last year's tour, did you notice that?
    A. For me, I don't really feel strongly about this, but people around me say this often. Because the camera crew is the same as last year's, the camera man said "Last year, you didn't look at
    the camera much, but you did really well this year".

    Q. It wasn't on purpose, but you just did it naturally?
    A. Yes. I really like the feeling of jumping along with the fans, I'm more happy than I expected to be.

    Q. Looking back on it as a whole, was there any moment where you felt like it's tiring and difficult to deal with?
    A. It should be physically, the ones where we perspire the most and use the most energy would be "FORCE", "Purple Line" and other dance songs. I think it's really difficult at those times.

    Q. Although I'm not really sure, but it's always said that Changmin perspires the most...
    A. That's right (laugh). After the first song ended, I'm already covered in perspiration (laugh).

    Q. With regards to gaining back your energy after a live performance, does Changmin have any special remedy?

    A. Drink a lot of water everyday.

    Q. Drink immediately after waking up in the morning; like that?
    A. Not just in the morning, but really, throughout the day.

    Q. This is good for your metabolism, but you still perspire?
    A. But... I've always perspired easily since I was a kid (laugh).

    Q. It's been like this since you were a child?
    A. Yes. But maybe it's because I usually drink a lot of water, I don't feel as tired this year, as compared to last year. My throat didn't become sore too.

    Q. I see. In order to express each song fully, and according to the different requirements of the songs, it demands a lot out of your voice. What do you think?
    A. I think it's a necessity to constantly improve. But, just to change the vocals is not enough, I think I still need to improve when it comes to putting in feelings, this is also a skill required in performing.

    Q. Which is to say, you won't just adjust your voice, but adjust it according to how your feelings change?
    A. I think it's like that. Sometimes I'll make adjustments on purpose, but I still feel that it's better to make the adjustments according to how my feelings change.

    Q. Up until now, do you feel... you've failed in any aspect?
    A. Isn't there a performance where we're singing and the stage is moving towards the audience at the same time? That's really high... really scary (laugh). At the beginning, I kept thinking about what I should do if I cannot fully concentrate enough to dance (laugh).

    Q. If you look from above, it must be really high.
    A. (In a definite manner) Very high!

    Q. Very high (laugh). But, after experiencing it a few times...
    A. I got used to it slowly, now I can sing without worries... How do I say this? I still can't relax completely (laugh). But, I can already gather my full concentration to sing, so please be assured everyone!

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    Re: [TRANS] Arena 37゜C August 2009 Issue - Part 1 (Personal Interview - About The Tour)

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    Q. At Saitama Super Arena, it seemed like your foot injury ws not completely healed yet. Is it alright now?
    A. Yes, I can dance now. I will slowly dance more for the last half of the tour, please do not worry.

    For this tour, during the performance of "Beautiful You", so portion where you stood alone and sang under the spotlight left a deep impression. At that moment, what did you feel?

    A. It's different every single time, I'll go with the flow of the atmosphere then. Because that portion is an improvisation, the tune is dragged out longer, or maybe to change a breath, just performing it naturally.

    Q. Which is to say, at different times, the feeling is different?
    A. Yes. I drag my voice out longer, or make it huskier, it changes like that.

    Q. For this tour, which part made you feel like you've put a lot of effort in singing and performing?
    A. No matter what song, I treat every song seriously. But because "Stand by U" is a new song, we have to take into consideration that it's the first time everyone is hearing it, and we hope that everyone will like it, so we'll take special care in thinking about the lyrics while performing.

    Q. This time all kinds of videos were filmed too. How do you feel about that?
    A. I did something that I've never done before, it was something I could challenge myself with, so it felt good. While filming, I'll keep thinking of the results of the filming, so there's expectation but insecurities as well.

    Q. What do you have to take note of when filming?
    A. I have to keep confirming and filming in front of the camera. When it ended, it really felt like that was the best cut already (laugh). It's thanks to the crew that we had such good results.

    Q. The video during the Live is also important, right?
    A. It can influence the overall effect as it'll be used from the time filming is over until the end of the tour. Because this will be used repeatedly, so there was a bit of stress (laugh).

    Q. During the tour, was there any portion where you felt you failed at?
    A. For me, I got injured the day before the tour, and it resulted in the 5 of us being unable to dance together. This thing is the most (regrettable)... I really feel so sorry.

    Q. But, the fans gave Junsu a really heart-warming reception.
    A. I'm really, really thankful to everyone. I want to do the best I can... even if it's just my own feelings, I want to send it across to everyone. Now, this feeling I have is the strongest it's ever been.

    Q. I think that this feeling that Junsu has for everyone has already been sent to them.
    A. If that is the case, that would be great.

    Q. Also, during every Live, you'll be asked "Any new gags?" during the Talk. You must feel really tired (laugh).
    A. It's very stressful~ (laugh). I have no new gag material, so I can only do the old ones... even if I think of new ones, they are used so quickly.

    Q. So, for the next half of the tour, we'll look forward to your new gags and your performance after your recovery~ (laugh).
    A. I will put in everyone's concern and my own thankfulness into my performances, and send it to everyone as thanks.


    Q. "4th Live Tour 2009 ~The Secret Code~" is being held currently, what are your thoughts about it this time?
    A. For this tour, compared to the previous tours, there are more "show" segments, it feels like we are enjoying the Live together with the fans. Also, there are a lot of dance songs, it feels really exciting. Ballads are also inserted in the middle, to make it more balanced.

    Q. At the opening, there's a portion for a solo dance. At that moment, did you feel nervous?
    A. Yes... very nervous. Especially at the beginning of the tour, I felt stressed and really nervous. But, as soon as I step on the stage, all I feel is happiness after that. After receiving everyone's support, I want to let everyone know that these are my thoughts.

    Q. Right after the intense dance performance for "呪文 -MIROTIC-", Yunho
    starts off the song "Heart, Mind and Soul". It must be really tough

    A. Very difficult, even more so than I thought it would be... (laugh). To be honest, when I first saw this itinerary, I was already questioning whether there would be any problems. After a very
    intense dance performance, it's immediately my part again. But after singing, it felt really good. After an intense dance performance, the lights on the stage darken, at that moment, I'd prepare myself and throw myself into the next song. This feeling is really great.

    Q. Even though it's really difficult, it feels really good.
    A. Yes, we also had to change costumes quickly then, so realistically, adjusting the breathing is really hard. But, seeing the happiness of the fans at the Live, it makes me feel like it's worth it, and thus makes me happy as well.

    Q. During a performance, which aspect is the most important to you?
    A. For dance, it's still "Purple Line" and "呪文 -MIROTIC-". Because it's a wide stage, so we feel the need to fully present the impact of the dance to everyone. Especially for "呪文 -MIROTIC-", which incorporated the use of the screens at the Live into the dance; I think this point is important.

    Q. For this tour, it seems like you are more concerned about the members surrounding you, and not just noticing your own portion. Is it because you want to make sure of the rapport between the members and their condition?

    A. You praised me too much! That wasn't on purpose as well, I think its more like a habit that I
    developed naturally. Previously, it feels like I did it purposefully, but from 1 or 2 years ago, I think it just became a natural thing.

    Q. To develop this habit naturally, that's really great. But on the other hand, up till now, is there anything you felt was a failure?
    A. During the solo dance for "Choosey Lover", I lost my balance and I went a little out of tune while trying to regain my balance. But at that moment, I tried hard to make it seem like it was done on purpose, to make everyone think that it was planned. At the end of that, Sam-san
    said, "That was on purpose (laugh)?" I laughed and replied, "That wasn't on purpose (laugh)". After that, during "Nobody Knows", my teeth bumped into the microphone (laugh). I bore with it and sang till the end. But it really hurt (laugh).


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