090726 Leeteuk Cyworld Update

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    090726 Leeteuk Cyworld Update

    Post by cottonpops on Sun 26 Jul - 10:45

    You all must be surprised after reading the subject, but this is related to Yoochun and I decided to post this cos I felt really concern.

    Milk Club.
    A gathering of depressed souls.
    Lot's of depressed feelings.
    It feels like I'm starting to enjoy the depression period.
    Always struggling in loneliness.
    There have been lots of tears.
    Hope everyone can understand that loneliness.
    For the sake of hiding my depression, I joked around more.
    Like to act fine, but that was definitely not fine.
    We decided to call each other court ladies.
    Court Lady Teuk, Court Lady Taeng, Court Lady Yoong.
    Although there have been many applicants,
    3 members (Taeyeon, Yoona) must agree together then others can register.
    Now Yoochun [T/N: Say what?!] and Onew have come onto the list.
    In the future, this club will live better in order to overcome depression.
    Thinking of giving each other mutual support.
    Sorrow, escaping from pain, happiness, we're anticipating to share it among all of us.
    In the future, Milk Club (gathering of depressing souls)
    Hope the meaning will be milk, made in lovely kin [T/N: Teuk made this up himself]
    The organization chart.
    President: Eetuek (Park Jungsoo) Court Lady Teuk
    Vice President: Yoona (Im Yoona) Court Lady Yoong
    Manager: Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon) Court Lady Taeng

    Credits: OnlySJ13
    Shared by: omonatheydidnt@livejournal/community + superduperlove@wordpress + sapphirepearls@wordpress

    When I first read this at omonatheydidnt, I was really surprised. So I decided to check out the source they provided, which was from superduperlove. Since I'm quite unfamiliar with the website, I went to sapphirepearls which I'm more familiar with to double check. So then my doubts were cleared.

    I know Leeteuk has been posting depressing Cyworld updates lately but do you think Chunface is depressed right now? Leeteuk beeing drepressed is understandable, that poor man has alot of things going on. Taeyeon and Onew, I'm quite surprised too. But considering them being leaders, maybe they have a little more pressure/stress. And Yoona, depressed and Yoona doesn't really match together.

    I know I might sound a tad too overreactive, but I'm just worried you know. All of SM jewels are having a hard time right now. After all the hard work they've put in and achievements these top groups have achieved by far, I say they deserve some rest, really.

    Back to Chunface, does any of you realise if he shows any signs of depression? Cos he sure is an open book person, he says so.

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