090804 TVXQ's Concert Phenomenon in China


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    090804 TVXQ's Concert Phenomenon in China

    Post by huongle on Tue 4 Aug - 9:09

    On the 2nd of October, Korea's popular group TVXQ will be having their 3rd Asia Tour Concert 'MIROTIC' in Shanghai at the Hongkou Football Stadium once again. Although there are still two more months and the tickets have been on sale for only a week, most of the tickets have already been sold. Because of the astonishing speed at which the tickets were purchased even in the same venue shortly before, Mayday (a popular Chinese band) will have a hard time catching up with them. Many fans who weren't able to get tickets from the ticketing company are even willing to buy them online for about 3000-5000 yuan (USD438-731), which is about four times the original price.

    The organizers also said that no more tickets are being sold at the moment. They also found out that in the past, other fanclubs would buy concert tickets for TVXQ's concerts, but they would not turn up in the end, leaving the front rows empty. The organizers said that they cannot stop this from happening and they are unable to judge who the people doing the "joy-buying" are. However, they remind fans to be rational and to not be used by others.

    TVXQ's ticket sales exceeded the organizer's expectation and the China tour has caused the ticket sales to rise – Nanjing concert tickets managed to exceed 10 million within 3 days and the Beijing concert tickets were sold out in a week. However, Shanghai's concert stands out the most as the tickets were sold out in an amazing speed.

    Recently, fans are not able to get tickets through official ticketing companies; they managed to find a lot being sold online at very high prices. This has caused many fans to be doubtful of the tickets being sold on the internet. One fan said that even at last year's China concert during May where the venue was smaller than the current one, they were still able to get tickets.

    Even one concert ticket is difficult to get. All other outlets selling the concert tickets will definitely be overcrowded. A reporter managed to contact the head of the ticketing office, and the head told the reporter that even before the tickets were made available for selling, some fanclub organizers were already requesting to buy the tickets in bulk. He then went on to explain to the reporter that buying tickets in bulk like this is very common in Korea as Koreans don’t really like to buy them on their own and they prefer to buy in huge bulks.

    "TVXQ's most crucial link is the internet. Cassiopeians have created many fanclubs and between each fanclub, all the members share a very close relationship. Once there is news released on the internet, every Cassiopeian in the world will know of it immediately. Even when the concert tickets have not even begun selling, fanclub organizers will contact ticketing organizers to order tickets. Thus, the fanclubs have a very large power over the purchasing of tickets.”

    Even if there is a very well-known and popular group, it is not possible for all the concert tickets to be sold out within two days. Does TVXQ really have that many fans? If each fan really had to buy tickets, then wouldn’t there be many fans buying online tickets which are much more expensive? One fan told the reporters, “Yes, because all fans know that we want to be close to them and be near them, therefore they will deliberately increase the price and hence, we are somehow forced into buying them at high prices.”

    The number of TVXQ's fans is relatively stable, therefore, there can never be a concert with tickets left over. However, there are some very hardcore fans that are professional dealers and will never allow there to be one empty seat in the concert hall, thus, they will manipulate people into buying that last seat in order for the entire hall to be filled up. “Cassiopeans are all mainly young teenage girls who are rather emotional, thus, it is relatively easy for us to pay in order to be able to support our idols. However, we did not expect that this has led us to being manipulated by others.”

    Tickets will definitely be very difficult to get for this Shanghai concert. The organizers expressed surprise and frustration, and they are reminding the fans to be calm and rational. They also persuade fans to always buys tickets through legal ways.

    Source: Mr.TVXQ
    Translation: jaesarang @ OneTVXQ.com
    Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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    Re: 090804 TVXQ's Concert Phenomenon in China

    Post by cottonpops on Tue 4 Aug - 9:57

    This is crazy. The power of 5 surprise me all the time, even though I know somehow this might happen. 10 million in 3 days is no joke. Damn, these fans are rich. But if DBSK were to have a concert in my country, I'll definitely buy good seats!

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