[NEWS] What Cassiopeias Made To Make Us Laugh

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    [NEWS] What Cassiopeias Made To Make Us Laugh

    Post by cottonpops on Wed 26 Aug - 5:54

    The people in DNBN thought everyone could use a good laugh during these hard times we face right now. So they made this cute NR for all Cassiopeians.

    TVXQ Special Album [Always Keep The Faith] Released!

    'The five members of TVXQ return for the first time after overcoming the hardships they faced! They started off with a bang with a special album full of songs composed by the members themselves. This album can be reviewed as an album full of love for their fans who believed in and waited for them'
    Reveiwer - DNBN Sang sangYaechan

    Album Name: Always Keep The Faith
    Artist: TVXQ
    Album Type: Domestic/Studio
    Agency: Cassiopeia Entetainment
    Stars: Five Stars (10 out of 10 | There are 1226 review)

    01. Intro | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: YoungWoong Jaejoong
    As the opener of TVXQ's magnificent comeback, the strong beat in this song is noteworthy. YoungWoong Jaejoong takes on a genre never been taken by him, and the result is a big success.

    02. Always Keep The Faith | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: TVXQ
    The title song which all five members composed/wrote/arranged together. The warm melody is beautiful. One should listen to the lyrics closely when listening to this song as they talk if their stories of overcoming hardships. The lyrics also tell of the heart-wrenching tales of what pulled them through.

    03. It's Business [Narr. Ara] | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: U-know Yunho
    U-know Yuho says he wrote this son for the fans who are spending their nights alone, envying the female lead role in his upcoming drama. The song has a worm melody that envelops the hearts of fans. The actress Ara, who will be in charge of the narration of this song, gave an alibi saying, 'A drama is strictly business, nothing more, nothing less'

    04. XIAHmolTIC (You Can't Escape It) | *Written By: Choikang Changmin Composed/Arranged By: Micky Yoochun
    The melody is extremely addictive and it is a trendy hook song. Composer Micky Yoochun said the song was, 'A song that, once you listen to it, you can't get out of your head and makes you addicted to Xiahmori' Regarding the lyrics of the song, which have caused 'Xiah Junsu Loner' rumors to spread, Choikang Changmin said, 'The lyrics have a basis on our love for Junsu. The people who have been watching over us know all about it'

    05. Lies (A song dedicated to SM) | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: Cassiopeia
    TVXQ's talented fanclub Cassiopeia present to them. The lyrics metaphorically talk to the fans' annoyance at SM lies. Words cannot describe it, one must listen to it for onself. Even people who weren't at all interested will become furious after listening to this song.

    06. Red Hot Pepper ~ Jollokia ~ | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: YoungWoong Jaejoong
    YoungWoong Jaejoong i swell known for his love for all spicy food. So it is easy to misinterpret the contents of this song just by looking at the title. However, this song is actually a controversial song that make girls blush just by listening to the soung Ring Ring. In truth, this is a song that exceeds the sexiness of Ride On. It is about a man who has fallen in love with a hot girl. YoungWoong Jaejoong has once more deprived the fans of sleep by saying, 'I've already thought of the choreography for the concert'

    07. Charisma Life (Stuck On Me) | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: Xiah Junsu
    This is a song written by member Xiah Junsu who says (claims) he is in charge of charisma in the group. This song is a must for people who cna only imagine him as cute. You might not be able to escape the charismatic wrinkles between his brows. On the other hand, there was a rumor that Choikang Changmin refused to record for this song because he did not like the lyrics, but quickly conceeded when Xiah Junsu offered him some game items.

    08. A Farewell In November - Flip-flops Bye Flip-flops | *Composed/Written/Arranged By: Micky Yoochun
    Micky Yoochun, who received alot of attention when he revealed on a Japanese show that he tried to wear filp-flops till November, wrote this song with his unique melancholy feelings to represent is feelings when he could no longer wear flip-flops. This song is a ballad that tells of his promise to his flip-flops that he will see them the year after as he puts them back in his closet.

    09. Bolero (Korean Ver.) | *Written By: Choikang Changmin
    This song Bolero that has been dubbed by fans as the not mythical but legendary live, has been reborn into a Korean version. Choikang Changmin, who received much praise from his work with Love In The Ice, once more rewrote the lyrics in Korean. The five members brilliant harmony that is finally heard in Korean shows just ow different they are from other idols in terms of skills.

    10. To My Lovely Fans | *Composed By: TVXQ
    This is a warm fan song for fans who waited for and believed in them. Whne listening to this song hat is filled with their love for their fans, the fans will come to believe that becoming a fan of TXQ was the best thing the've ever done, and people who weren't fans will end up reconsidering their current state.

    11. Always Keep The Faith [Less vocal vers.]

    Although they had to overcome a big hardship, TVXQ came back with that much more maturity. There is no one to stop them now that they've bounced back, and there will be no one to surpass them now. All fans have to do now, is prepare to enjoy their time with these five. Are you ready?

    Until this NR becomes reality, Always Keep The Faith [DNBN SangsangYechan]

    Source: DNBN
    Trans: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
    Shared by: tohosomnia.net
    Do not remove/add on any credits

    I'm sure after you read this, you'll be smiling from ear to ear like I did. Especially at the Flip-flops bye flip-flops part (bias alert!) Naughty

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    Re: [NEWS] What Cassiopeias Made To Make Us Laugh

    Post by huongle on Wed 26 Aug - 19:30

    lol @ Flip-flips bye flip-flops ♥️ lol! that is so so Yoochun =/


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