[NEWS] 090826 DBSK's Group Activity Suspended

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    [NEWS] 090826 DBSK's Group Activity Suspended

    Post by cottonpops on Fri 28 Aug - 3:05

    It is reported that the South Korean pop band DBSK will suspend their activities for the time being. The group DBSK will temporarily suspend their activities. This has been reported simultaneously by all the main entertainment media in South Korea.

    DBSK, whose members have filed a lawsuit against their management company, will complete all their planned schedules. However, all their schedules that have been planned before the lawsuit will come to an end on the 29th of this month, and they will have a period of time where their activities will come to a pause.

    For the time being, TVXQ's last activity will be their performance at the open air concert A-Nation in Osaka, Japan. And they will take a break after that. Also, besides their scheduled concert in Shanghai, China, which will be held the following month, there will be no other group activities.

    With regards to the application for injunction to stop the exclusive contract (with their company) filed by some of the membess, the ruling will be decided on he 11th of September. The ruling will have a large impact on their future activites as a group, which all the fans are concerned about.

    In the meantime, one of the members, Yunho will be making his acting debut in MBC's drama Heading To The Ground.

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    If you're wondering, Yunho and Changmin will be busy with their respective drama. But I'm sure Yunho has ended his drama and it will be airing on the 9th September. Changmin's Paradise Ranch will be delayed becase Changmin is going through an acting course for him to be able to proceed with his acting perfectly.

    As for Yoochun and Jaejoong, they will be promoting their single album Colors - Melody and Harmony. The preview is out so give it a listen, I've never heard Yoochun rapped like that in a long time and as usual, Jaejoong never fail to disappoint us with his vocals. Now the glitch is, I'm not sure of Junsu's solo activities.

    On the positive note, I hope the boys take this opportunity to have their well deserved rest. 10 days of vacation per year is definitely not enough if you ask me. As for the lawsuit, I pray that things will work out well. I pray that they will have a banging, strong comeback for all of the Cassiopeias all over the world who have faithfully waited and supported for them.

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