[TRANS] What Others Have To Say About TVXQ

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    [TRANS] What Others Have To Say About TVXQ

    Post by cottonpops on Fri 28 Aug - 4:45

    I had every intention to post this but I kept procrastinating lol!

    The voice of Xiah Junsu is Asia's treasure
    - Matsuo Kiyoshi

    What people say about DBSK is that they are one of the few hoobaes who are polite and has good thoughts
    - Comedian Jung Sun Hee

    DBSK is the singer with the best manners
    - Show Music Tank PD

    (During an interview about Big Bang)
    Oh! There is one singer that I admired as I watched them sing. DBSK is really amazing. They were singing a love performance and by watching them without a bias, they sing very well. If they were ugly, they would be called men version of Big Mama. Korean people have a preconception about DBSK and that is wrong.
    - YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk

    We are a different genre so I don't think we are rivals. DBSK is a sunbae that we acknowledge. Everyone sings well and I think they put in alot of thoughts into their choreography and performances. They continue to show self-improvement and are setting a good example as a sunbae.
    - Singer G-Dragon

    I saw Xiah Junsu singing Resignation and it was the best. Alot of singers sang my song but out of them all, it stood out the most as was sung very well.
    - Big Mama

    I sang Goose's Dream with YoungWoong Jaejoong and he sang it the best. He is an idol singer, so I thought he could not sing well because he is just good looking and dances well but he sings better than me.
    - Singer Insooni

    I think I would have really liked it if I was a DBSK members. They are an unbelievably an amazing group.
    - Singer/Musician Kim Gun Mo

    When they are singing their songs, and in their divided parts, they know exactly how to sing their part in order to complete the song. They are perfectly divided well.
    - Music Crtitc Jung Byung Gi

    Unless you are a fan who buys an album and listens to the whole thing, you do not realize how YoungWoong Jaejoong can sing octaves without effort, how much density Xiah Junus has in his voice and how great of a song One is.
    -Triple Crown Kwan Myung Suk

    Their appearances are needed to capture attention. That is the only way the dying music industry might be vitalized. In that sence, there must be alot of teams like DBSK in the industry. I'm not talking about just idol singers. Groups like DBSK who can powerfully capture the mass audience's attention is need to re vitalize the music industry.
    - Tony An

    Looking at hoobae singers these days, there are alot of good looking hoobaes. Out of all of them, I think DBSK is the best. They seem to be fully prepared on stage.
    - Singer Kim Dong Wan

    When looking at DBSK, I get the feeling that they are skilled. Compared to before, they are so much better skill-wise. Despite their skills, people have preconceptions, which is a problem and on stage their charisma is excellent. They have other charms as well so there is alot to be enviable about.
    - Singer Evan

    DBSK is too good to remain as idol singers. They can go further, as musicians do well. SM doesn't just have idol singers. Of the existing idols, they are the most skilled group. As for Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong, they can be called the best singers in the music industry without comparison. DBSK is a really great group.
    - Composer KENZI

    Choikang Changmin's voice is very average. But at times, the average excels many singers' voices.
    - Papa Nia

    He takes care of everything about me before going on stage. I think he is great and has a pure soul.
    - Singer Jang Ri In

    We feel envious and proud that DBSK succeeded in Japan
    - Singer Super Junior

    DBSK was candidates with us. At first, we thought 'What do we do' 'We are nothing' when we were against DBSK. But when we saw DBSK cheering for us too, we felt the love at once between us singers. Really, we felt very very thankful.
    - Singer Tablo (Epik High)

    It can't be said that DBSK is the best vocalists in Korea. However, it is undeniable that it is hard to see a group that is able to make a beautiful harmony with just five members' voice. The shows the possibility of a vocal group, not just a celebrity like idol group. This is the idol group after evolution in the 21st Century.
    - M.NET 21c Artist

    I was impressed with DBSK when I saw them perfroming at the Great Hall of People in China on July 2004. It was a shock to see Chinese fans sending passionate cheers. I feel pride that I am promoting Korean mass culture in foreign countries. I want to invite DBSK as models for fashion shows abroad. They have clear souls and pure qualities.
    - Designer Andre Kim

    Out of singers that have sang my song, they have succeeded the most. And thay are also the first singers who fit my song so well.
    - Composer Park Chang Hyun (DBSK 1st Single Hug)

    I like DBSK. It is a bit of an inconvenience that their chances to sing live are limited because of their strong choreography, but when I see their performance, I am drawn in.
    - Singer Baek Ji Young

    They are good young men. In such positions, they greet and are social. They are alwasy smiling and never show fatigue. Honestly, they are not very fluent in Japanese. Even if they understand well, their speaking is not perfect. Despite that, they really tried their hard to do their interview in Japanese. For words they didn't know, they asked their managers before hand and took not of it. They tried their best to speak well and I could feel their efforts. They really try their best.
    - DJ 古家正亨

    Even in the hard market right now, their influence in the music industry should be recognized. The music industry is going through hardships and in this situation, there was almost no singers who sold alot of albums. But DBSK is unchallenged and has the power to sell their albums. They do have alot of teenage fans but recently, I think their fanbase has broadened to 20-30s. As the teenage fans get older, the average age of their fanbase will broaden. Idol groups definitely go through evolution. They have both singing and dancing skills so they need to be recognized.
    - Singer Na Sung Ho (Noel)

    It is a good feeling that the younger generation singers are singing my songs. If DBSK remakes my song. it will have a different color. Even though the color will be different, I think they will be able to make a better song.
    - Singer Jo Kwan Woo

    DBSK is just before perfection. They are the hottest trend going through various rumors and is a popular culture icon. When they become this era's new classic, we want to meet them again, more fashionable and fabulous. It won't be too late to complete the work then.
    - In December issue of VOGUE

    I listen to music. I like rock ballad and hip hop. As for singers, DBSK is the best.
    - Volleyball athelete Kim Yeon Kyung

    The reason why there is so much interest in DBSK is because unlike most of the kid groups, their singing abilities are excellent. All five members song and unexpectedly, presents a good harmony. It breaks the bias that boy bands cannot sing, This is what seperates other idol groups and DBSK.
    - Music critic Im Jin Mo

    Just at first glance, I could feel the strong charisma that made me realize why they become the millinennium star. The composition of the five members, like the process of moving one picture, cannot be complete without the five members. I was surprised that the five stars, placed as one pleases, created such harmony. Truthfully, taking a group photograph is exponentially hard as the number of people. So during group photography, positions change and styles are frequently switched. But in DBSK's case, an impressive style was expressed just by them randomly standing and sitting there.
    - Photographer Jo Se Hyun

    You should judge them by how much they love music and stop focusing on lip synching idol stars winning awards. And this year was the year that DBSK had to win. Why keep denying it and how amny albums did they sell, 300 000? Even when they music industry is reduced, they sold 300 00 and that is praiseworthy. Do you know anybody who we call artists that sell over 50 000? And does the broadcasting stations buy those albums for the artists? Did the broadcasting sation buy 300 000 copies of DBSK's album? Then, did you buy the albums of artists that you cheer for? Starting from there, saying 'how does idol stars who lip sync win an award' is useless. Do you tink that these days, just like those old days, the idols run away because they can't sing? Just open the microphone and tell them to sing. They do well, very.
    - Shin Hae Chul

    Before you curse on the young singers who dance and roll around, think about how many hours they invest into practicing to perform for the mass. Just like how natiral-born talented artists dis only one hole, they sweat in order to improve themselves. Therefore, the older generation singers are wretched for criticizing these singers for their music perfection. If they receive reverence as a musician for these criticisms, the valuse of it is nothing.
    - From Bestiz who.au

    The rumors that the five members were supposed to lead five different teams due to their excellent skills, but due to financial pressure, was put into one team, doesn't seem totally false. The harmony that the five sing are solid and constant.
    - IZM

    Thank you DBSK fans. DBSK and Kang Ho Dong is close, it's truth really.
    - Kang Ho Dong

    I feel envious of DBSK for their teenage fans. When DBSK perfromance ends, the teenage fans follow their van or wait in front of their company. But when I am done with a perfromance, my fans say, 'Ji Hoo, great job' Park Jin Young hyung once asked me why I don;t have teenage fans.
    - Singer Rain

    These kids were wasted. They are all worthy to be solo artists but formed a group.
    - SM Director Lee Soo Man

    Even though it must be hard because so many people recognize them, they always come to greet when we are on the same program. It must be hard to just move around. When they reach the top, at least one harship comes, but I hope they will get over it well.
    - Singer The One

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    Re: [TRANS] What Others Have To Say About TVXQ

    Post by huongle on Fri 28 Aug - 8:47

    Wow such compliments i'm so proud ♥️ there are a lot of specific praises for Jaejoong and Junsu but none for Yoochun --sobs;; anyway the whole group is appreciated and i'm glad Very Happy

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    Re: [TRANS] What Others Have To Say About TVXQ

    Post by Bichan on Fri 28 Aug - 16:49

    Unless you are a fan who buys an album and listens to the whole thing, you do not realize how YoungWoong Jaejoong can sing octaves without effort, how much density Xiah Junus has in his voice and how great of a song One is.
    -Triple Crown Kwan Myung Suk

    so true!! ù_ù

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    Re: [TRANS] What Others Have To Say About TVXQ

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