[TRANS] GQ September Issue: The Real TVXQ Was In Japan

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    [TRANS] GQ September Issue: The Real TVXQ Was In Japan

    Post by cottonpops on Tue 1 Sep - 11:45

    This is going to be a long stretch of paragraphs. I divided it into 2 parts for easy reading cos this article has many paragraphs. In my opinion, GQ have a lot of constructive criticism about Korea, Japan and TVXQ. I promise you won't be disappointed, so just bare with this post and read with an open mind.

    TVXQ sings I got you, Under my skin and dances. When the buttons on the shirts that cling onto their bodies cannot handle their powerful moves and burst, U-know Yunho 's well developed and chiseled pectoral muscles are shown. Fans from all over Korea, who may have had ill-feelings towards the long stretch of Japanese activites, act as though the group had never left and stare at their TV and even go up tp the TV screen and stroke it. I'm talking about the comeback stage of that happened after the album's release last December. Fans found something a little odd about TVXQ during this stage. Although the five member's faces were the same, it was as though their faces had been stuck on someone else's body. This was because of their muscles.

    TVXQ's thin and muscular bodies are completely different from SM Entertainment's preceding idol groups. The direction that the members of TVXQ are headed is being influenced by the Japanese activities they hae been carefully and dilifently doing. In Japan these days, there is a Hosomacho or thin muscle trend blazing through the nation. The biggest reason for this trend is because the majority of young Japanese women prefers the thin muscled Hosomacho look over the heavily muscled Gorimacho (gorilla macho) look.

    What am I talking about? There are probably going to be some people who tell me that his trend has been around for a while with the majority of singers in Johnny's Entertainment and witht he majority of males in Tokyo having thin muscle body structure. But what they are talking more about skinny guys who look as though they have muscles because they are skinny, not the thin muscle look. But to think that TVXQ is just one of the many Hosomacho groups is a big mistake. This is because the popularity of Tohoshinki, as they call themselves in Japan, is so great and out of this world that it cannot be fully comprehended or understood in Korea.

    If we divide the dominating Japanese male idol groups into three catagories, the first would be Role Lolita, groups comprised of pretty boys, the second would be Yankees, groups comprised of members who have a bad boy vibe to them and the third would be the TVXQ style. The TVXQ style's popularity can be properly felt in Japan host clubs. Koreans may connect the words host and hostess with adult clubs and see these words in a negative outlook, but to many young, handsome and popular college students in Japan, it is most preferred part-time job.

    Different from Korea's hosts, Japan's hosts serve only alcohol and there is a different term for those who provide sexual intercourse and they are called Urisen. In these host clubs that can easily be found in Shinjuku's Gabukicho area, the pictures of the hosts in the clubs tell women what kind of style each host is. Before, most of the people in the pictures copied the style of Johnny's Entertainment idol groups. But now, at least one or two hosts in every club very conspicuously copies style of one of the members of TVXQ.

    In this area, there was once a time where the most manly people were Nabe (a girls dressed up as a guy or a trans gender female) with their thin, pretty bodies. But now many Japanese women are asking for the Hosomacho style, men who are not only pretty, but also manly. And who are not only skinny, but has muscles. The TVXQ wind is blowing through clubs of Gabukicho.

    Since many Korean idol groups are popular not only in Korea but all of Asia, many Koreans may think that TVXQ's popularity is similar to that of other celebrities. Shall we delve deeper to see just how popular TVXQ is in Japan? TVXQ's most recent Japanese single sold almost 200k copies in one week. This sets TVXQ with the second highest first week sales in their agency, Japan's biggest company Avex.

    The only group above TVX is the 14 member group Exile, the group that received the highest award from the Japanese Record Association and the group that even creates big chances in society with their raging popularity. This means TVXQ's first album sales beats tha of the female leaders in Japanese pop, Amuro Namie, Hamasaki Ayumi and Koda Kumi. This is a feat that not even popular star BoA has achieved. These are the kind of top songers we can compare TVXQ to now.

    But I am not bashing their popularity on album sales only. TVXQ has set a huge record of being on Japan's representative music chart Oricon Chart as 1st on weekly single sales six times already. Since the year 2000, the number of stars who have attempted to enter the Japanese market is enormous, with stars such as S.E.S, Sugar, Park Junghyun, Rain, Lee Soo Young, Se7en, SS501, Ryu Siwon, Park Yongha, Lee Byunghun, Yoonha, K, Sunmin, Big Bang and Super Junior.

    But the only singers who have reached first on Oricon's weekly single charts are BoA (once) and TVXQ (six times) TVXQ also succeeded in being invited to hold two concerts in July at the Tokyo Dome which is considered the Dream Stage, even to Japanese singers. This has never been competed by any other Korean singer before.

    But the Bible sends a message, Prophets do not get respected from their homelands. For some odd reason, TVXQ's outstanding achievements do not seem to be reported or praised in Korea. Also, it is sad to see that TVXQ's success of selling 200k copies of their single was buried under the dispute between SM Entertainment and three membres of TVXQ (Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong) and the disbandment rumors that followed it.

    They are not something something Sama (like Yonsama) who were washed ashore by the Hallyu Wave. No, they even asked all Japanese media agencies not to associate the word 'Hallyu' with them (even asking for news articles to be pulled down if the word was used in relation to them) to show that they wished to succeed with their own powers and were able to become widely known in Japan. TVXQ had to erase their nationality in order to gain the acceptance from the Japanese population.

    The rumors of disbandment at the height of their popularity has become a hot topic of conversation in the Japanese music industry. Japanese media has created a daily special to update everyone about what's happening in Korea with regards to TVXQ, and this has caused Avex's CEO to come forward and give and explanatory statement to calm Japanese fans. He announced that TVXQ's Japanese activities continue regardless of what was happening in Korea and he decided to announce this himself. This has never happened before.

    It seems as though the way Korean agencies set the income division when writing up the contract has surprised the people of Japan who are used to Japanese agencies' way of working that gives monthy slaries that may change. Since the first official event TVXQ held after the disbandment rumors came out was in Japan and not Korea, the source of such rumors with the Fireworks Festival Concert, the Japanese media was more vigilant when it came to reporting the issue than the Korean media.

    Therefore, whether they wanted this or not, this case has opened TVXQ up to a wider fan base including the younger generation. YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is the most popular amongst the members in Japan, was even seen in a paparazzi scandal magazine that only extremely famous Japanese celebrities appear in.

    Although the situation in Korea is a complete mess, TVXQ might be able to take one step further in their Japanese activities through this happening. But they must once more grab hold of their Korean fans. There are already rumors that the light fanbase (a term often used in Korea to mean fans who support a group but constantly move between fandoms) is ready to new 6 member male idol group SM Entertainment is preparing.

    As faithful as Korean fans are, they are also able to turn their backs on a singer very quickly. If even the fans who used to embrace them turn their backs on TVXQ, the group will become the prophets who are not respected in their homelands.

    Source: GQ Magazine + DNBN
    Trans: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
    Shared by: tohosomnia.net
    Do not remove/add on any credits

    Phew! It took me 3 hours to finish typing these.

    For Part One, the author is mainly trying to explain how influential TVXQ is in Japan. Although I find the example given rather cute/funny, you can't deny how incredibly popular they are. As for Part Two, the author's voicing out about how Koreans in general fail to recognize TVXQ's success and that their great achievements in Japan that no Korean singers achieved, are overshadowed by the current lawsuit issue.

    This article also mentioned about TVXQ's fanbase in Korea. All I can comment about that is, we never really know how far more Cassiopeias can go for these boys. I mean, we've seen what they are capable of but I don't think they're gonna turn their backs on these boys. Cassiopeias are too passionate to turn their backs.

    SP would like know your views on this So what ?
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    Re: [TRANS] GQ September Issue: The Real TVXQ Was In Japan

    Post by nanadnakatsu on Wed 16 Sep - 9:44

    Okay Adhah your three hours are highly appreciated. Such hard work seriously. TYSM bby Smile

    Haha I read the first paragraph twice, fourteen times before really getting the idea through. IMHO, they definitely if not the healthiest, the sexiest the fittest bodies I've ever seen in guys and specifically boybands. If they become hosts, imagine the profittt $$$$

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    Re: [TRANS] GQ September Issue: The Real TVXQ Was In Japan

    Post by huongle on Wed 16 Sep - 10:12

    Wow these are so so great ;A; i read a part of it somewhere but this version of yours is so much better Adhah Wink thank you so much for your effort, you're the best


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    Re: [TRANS] GQ September Issue: The Real TVXQ Was In Japan

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