[TRANS] 090917 Tsutaya Artiste Ranking

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    [TRANS] 090917 Tsutaya Artiste Ranking

    Post by cottonpops on Sat 19 Sep - 14:52

    There are many different rankings for music, but who is the artiste that everyone truly loves? Through internet and mobile phones, Tsutaya Online conducted a survey that lasted for 18 days. As a result, 3 categories were born: Who is currently the most popular singer? What kind of people are supporting them? Why do they support them?

    Survey time period: 24/08/2009 to 10/09/2009
    Participants: 7, 609
    Valid votes: 19, 658

    The ranking for artistes loved by the various age groups
    Different age groups like different artistes. In this survey, they were segmented into the 10s, 20s, 30s and 40s.

    Difference between men and women
    Do they have empathy or respect for artistes who are of the same gender? Or perhaps, do they hold similar feelings to love when it comes to artistes who are of the opposite gender? Based on gender, these are the artistes that people like.
    [T/N: Left (Male) and Right (Female)]

    Overall Ranking
    The reasons why they like Tohoshinki (Ranked 4th)

    They have the abilities and are exceptional in both singing and dancing. The relationship between the members are very good as well, and everyone's character is very fresh. During talks, they show off their skills too.
    - 19 years old, Female

    No matter what kind of song it is, it leaves an impression, even their dancing is much better than other Japanese artistes of the same age. Most importantly, they don't behave very differently when they're off-stage and on-stage.
    - 32 years old, Female

    Their stage presence is very cool, and they sing exceptionally well. The friendship between the 5 of them also leaves a good impression on me.
    - 29 years old, Male

    They are able to perform both ballads and dance songs very well. They are very humorous, have deep feelings between the members and they are very hardworking.
    - 45 years old, Female

    As expected, their songs are very good, also their singing abilities and dancing skills are exceptional, beyond comparison.
    - 53 years old, Female

    Source: demonhome
    Trans: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
    Shared by: tohosomnia.net
    Do not remove/add any credits.

    In the pictures, the group name with the red star is Tohoshinki, which indicates their position. For a foreign artistes in the Japanese market, they did very well in this ranking (all biases aside, really) Dayum, they have 40s and 50s year old fans! As for the male population, I'm sure they will open up to Tohoshinki sooner or later
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    Re: [TRANS] 090917 Tsutaya Artiste Ranking

    Post by Bichan on Tue 22 Sep - 9:41

    40s years old fans! *LOL*

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