[TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Messages In Colors - Melody and Harmony

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    [TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Messages In Colors - Melody and Harmony

    Post by cottonpops on Tue 29 Sep - 9:41

    It's been a long time, no? I've been busy, sorry for that. And lastly, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim SP-ains

    The two of us were working hard to create this single. Thanks for listening. We have put ourlove and sweat in this music we both composed together. I hope the love feeling can be spread to everyone. As always, we ask for your warm support ^^
    - Jaejoong

    The two of us have been struggling hard these days ^^ We really enjoyed making the song that give a fresh feeling like this. what's your impression towards the song? My mind that is filled of thankfulness for everyone's love, to have a possibility of ceonveying the feeling in a moment like this really make me glad. Thank You ^^
    - Everyone's Micky

    Jaejoong and Yoochun sing a beautiful harminy in a very impressive dong Colors - Melody and Harmony. Now, between theu busy schedule, we took an attempt for some moment of these two men to have a mini-interview!

    Q: What was the thought you put in the song?

    JJ: During our 4th live tour, we wanted to compose a song that is able to convey our Thank You feeling from the heart.
    YC: So far the existance of fans have been our strength, so far for everyone we want to give a little giveback, that;s what I thought in my mind that time.

    Q: Your favourite part?

    YC: This part 'Melody and Harmony いつもそばにいてぼくにゆうきときぼうをくれたね' (always beside you to give courage and hope)
    JJ: La la la la part

    Q: If you could say something to the fans?

    JJ: When you're sad, when you're dejected, just listen to this song so that you cna laugh hard.
    YC: When you're lonely and exhausted, this song will give you a positive thinking mind.

    Q: A message to Bigeast, please!

    YC: This is the first time the two of us are doing a duet, therefore please watch us with many support! Please listen alot to Colors- Melody and Harmony
    JJ: I think Colors - Melody and Harmony really fits the autumn atmosphere. In this autumn season, we send Colors - Melody and Harmony so that everyone can smile while listening to it.

    Source: DNBN
    Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
    Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + dbsknights@blogspot

    Love how he likes to end with 'Everyone's Micky'

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    Re: [TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Messages In Colors - Melody and Harmony

    Post by huongle on Tue 29 Sep - 9:49

    Hahaha yeah Yoochun belongs to us all lol oh i wish ;;


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    Re: [TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Messages In Colors - Melody and Harmony

    Post by kizzy_pozz on Sun 25 Oct - 10:49

    it's really nice song like they say
    and feel thank you to them to make this things.
    when i listen to it, i thinking of my friends that we have a lil remained time together.
    i plan to send this song to my friends, says thank you and tell them that i want us to grow up together.
    oh!! my felling is truely like this.
    so i should send this songs to JAEJOONG&YOOCHUN too cuz i wanna say thanks you for this song.

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    Re: [TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Messages In Colors - Melody and Harmony

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