[TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

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    [TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

    Post by cottonpops on Tue 29 Sep - 10:50

    I'm posting Yoochun's interview only. I will put up Jaejoong's one if any of you request for it

    - Yoochun -

    DOB: 04/06/1986
    Place Of Birth: Seoul
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: Approx 65 kg
    Length Of Feet: 27.5 cm
    Features You Have Confidence In: Forehead (lol)
    Blood Type: O
    Favourite Food: Edamame [T/N: Japanese soy beans] and grilled pork ribs
    Things You Hate: Smelly food (hahahahaha oh Yoochun!)
    Korean Food Specialty: Don't cook (We know baby, cos Jaejoong cooks for you)
    Favourite Colour: White
    Favourite Cologne: Benefit's Maybe Baby
    Latest Interest: Indulging in One Piece [T/N: Japanese anime]
    The Biggest Headache Is: That moment when I wake up in the morning
    Sports You Like: Wakeboarding and basketball
    The First Japanese Word You Learnt: Good morning
    Japanese Word You Like Recently: Butt-naked (Oh really?)
    Sleeping Habit: Sleep naked, with underwear (Oh really, and I thought you liked butt-naked?)
    Belief: Natural make up
    What Does Tohoshinki Mean To You: The other part of me (How sweet!)

    Q: Which aspects of Jaejoong do you like most?
    A: Everything. His looks, character and talent, all of it is cool. He's perfect.

    Q: The style of clothes you would want a girl you like to wear?
    A: I don't have a particular style I like. Anything is fine, as long as she doesn't try to replicate somone else's image on purpose, as long as she dresses according to her own style, it wouldn't be disagreeable.

    Q: The type of girl you like is?
    A: A homey kind of girl. I don't have much interest in beautiful girls. In comparison, I prefer that type that can look after the house.

    Q: What do you do during vacation?
    A: I'll go eat and go for drives with my younger brother Yoohwan, nothing special in particular.

    Q: Please recommend a simple sentence in Korean that we can all use.
    A: Pegopa - I'm hungry You can use this very often. Not bad, right?

    Q: A place in Korea that you would like to recommend?
    A: Shinsa-dong's Garosu-gil. There are many al fresco coffee houses. It's a really fashionable street. Although I haven't been there, I often hear my Korean friends mention it, so I really want to go.

    Q: Favourite posture in a girl?
    A: None.

    Q: What's the difference between Korean and Japanese girls?
    A: The gentle feeling when the say Take care. From the exterior, there isn't much of a difference, and I'm not sure about character wise either, but when Japanese girls say Take care, that gentle feeling they give off is really nice.

    Q: A word to the fans.
    A: Please beware of men.

    Source: withtvxqforever
    Trans: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
    Shared by: tohosomnia.net

    Those are my comments, btw

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    Re: [TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

    Post by huongle on Tue 29 Sep - 11:58

    lol i never knew Yoochun had confidence in his forehead i actually thought he didn't like it being large ;;

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    Re: [TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

    Post by Murasaki on Tue 29 Sep - 14:44

    huongle wrote:lol i never knew Yoochun had confidence in his forehead i actually thought he didn't like it being large ;;

    he's reached such level of divinity he's beyond simple stuff like his forehead now XDD

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    Re: [TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

    Post by kizzy_pozz on Sun 25 Oct - 10:38

    he have a sense of humour

    and playfull.

    i think he can make this interview to be flow

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    Re: [TRANS] Vivi Magazine JaeChun Q&A: Yoochun's

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