[FANFIC] Day by day

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    [FANFIC] Day by day

    Post by fishie on Fri 20 Nov - 7:57

    Day by day
    Author: fishie

    Genre: mostly pink or fluff
    Rating: G
    Character: all DBSK (each part they will take turn to be the main one)
    Length: Series (multichapter)
    You live in a wolrd where everyday is a new story

    A/n: each chapter is a story and everything will happen only one day so forgive me if the details r fast^^

    1. Rainy day
    Yoochun & Junsu

    The sluggish clouds slowly drift in the sky and make a mass of shades in the blue sky. Today is a beautiful day, and according to the weather forecast, the weather will be nice for the rest of day. The sunshine goes through the glass window and freely play on Yoochun’s face. He gets up with his half-asleep face and his hair is a mess. He grabs his glasses on the small desk and goes to the bathroom. Coming back to the room, he suddenly looks at the calendar. The morning sunlight brightens up his radiant smile. He opens the wardrobe and star looking for something. Yoochun throws out a sweater, a T-shirt,... and many more. Finally, he take out a raincoat and go down stair.

    _Yoochun! Where are you going with that raincoat? It’s sunny outside – Jaejoong say as he sees Yoochun walk to the main door – come and have breakfast with us

    _I’m busy. Gotta go “rain – watching” – He smiles and open the door, walks out.

    When Yoochun is out of site, Changmin turns to everyone and asks

    _What’s with him? It’s sunny and I don’t think it’s gonna rain for the next 2 weeks...

    _Changmin! – Junsu hits Changmin’s forehead and points to the calendar – Today is “that day”

    ---flash back---

    The rain has been drizzling down for hours outside. Yoochun is sitting on a swing in a park, enjoying himself in the endless rain though his wet body. Thinking something and then he give a chuckle of delight for no reason, or it’s because he loves rain?

    _Aren’t you cold?

    A high voice interrupt his thought. Yoochun turn around and his eyes suddenly meet another eyes.

    _A little, but I like it – he gaze and smile warmly at the boy, even though the chubby cheek and high note voice doesn’t make him look like one.

    _oh...Anyway, I’m Kim Junsu, you can call me Junsu or Su. I also like the rain

    Junsu grin at him and try climbing on the swing. Poor thing, he is too short to climb. Watching the short boy trying to get on the swing make Yoochun laugh uproariously.

    _I have better idea .... haha.... I’ll call you shortie, or maybe “Su the dwarf” ... hahaha

    _I’m not a dwarf ... and I’m not a shortie!

    Junsu blow out his cheek and started speaking in high note >.<. Yoochun can still laugh more but he manage to hold his laughter and help Junsu. They become friend in a short time. They talk and laugh. Yoochun like teasing Junsu because of his duck butt and dolphin voice. When he does, Junsu’d just hit him or push him off the swing (or try to). Despite the rain is falling harder and Junsu have to go home.

    _Aren’t you going home now? – asked Junsu

    _I want to stay longer. I have nobody waiting for me at home anyway – Yoochun looks up in the gray sky and let the rain fall on his face. Rain-drop running down on his cheek...or is it tear?

    _You live alone?

    _I lived with my brother...but I guess I’m alone now... - Yoochun smile sadly

    _How come? – Junsu notice his question is silly but Yoochun still answers

    _He died... few weeks ago because of car accident... – he stops, maybe to hold his feeling – My brother, he really love the rain

    Junsu can’t say nothing but keep quite and hey both silent. Each of them chase their own feeling. The rain finally become heavy.

    _Junsu! What are you doing in the rain? You’re all wet

    Yoochun & Junsu turn their head to where the voice was from. A man is stading with a raincoat on his left arm and an umbrella on his right hand.

    _Jaejoong hyung! What are you doing here? - Junsu seems supprised

    _Loking for you ofcourse. Now go home a change your clothes, you're gonna sick you know! - The person name Jaejoong throws Junsu the raincoat. He also smile at Yoochun for greeting
    _Here, take this - Junsu after caught the coat, he gives it to Yoochun and smiles - You'll be sick too if you keep standing here

    Yoochun accepts it with confuse. Yes, he is cold. But seeing Junsu's smile, he feels something warm. That's right, very warm

    _Hey! I live in the red house at the end of this street. We have 4 person but there's always 1 more spot!!! - Junsu shouts as he running toward Jaejoong

    Yoochun smiles ang gazes at Junsu.
    ------end flash back------

    _Ah~~ - Changmin nod his head after "a short flash back story" - So today is the day his brother die os the day he meet Su hyung?.......Ouch! Yunho hyung! Why did you hit me?

    _You little brat! Ofcourse to day is the day Yoochun 1st met Junsu. Other why did he go out with that old raincoat?

    After breakfast, everybody stay in the living room except Junsu. he stays in his bedroom and thinking of a present for Yoochun. This 's their anyversary right? Somrthing pop in his head and yes, that's the prefect presen. He pull out a box which contant miscellaneous things: papper, color, scissors, marbles... then he starts working.

    Yoochun comes back with the raincoat in his hand. It's still sunny outside. He talks with Yunho, Jaejoong & Changmin in the living room for a while then he goes to his room. Someone has drew the curtains make the room look dark.

    "lach tach...lach tach"

    A sound make Yoochun supprised. He walks fast and oppen the curtain. The sunshine spill in and quickly spread out all his room.The light reflect all the hanging marbles make them look sparkle, just like rain-drop. They sway lightly in the wind make funny sound. It's rainning in Yoochun's room. There's something written on the paper cloud, a question or something. Yoochun lifts his glasses to see it clearer... He smiles, again

    "You really love the rain, dont you? "^^ ...



    Hope i dont make too much mistake. This is my 1st English fic ^^ ...
    Correct me if i'm wrong ^^

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