[TRANS] HyunJoong and Jaejoong Traveling in Vancouver.


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    [TRANS] HyunJoong and Jaejoong Traveling in Vancouver.

    Post by bubblesoul on Sat 16 Jan - 9:24

    Though This news doesn't mention Yoochun at all. But read about it first Okay Very Happy

    SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong recently flew to Vancouver, Canada last Saturday with TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong for vacation.

    Few days ago, they strolled to local supermarket and were easily recognized by fans, Jaejoong was being very friendly to give signs for the fans. According to Jaejoong and Hyun-joong, together with Big Bang’s T.O.P they’d been very close old friends, and hung out together occasionally. Hero had always wanted to go to Canada for vacation, and
    coincidentally Hyun-joong was free to travel together too, however for T.O.P who was currently busy filming “Into The Gunfire” with Kwon Sang-woo, hence was unable to join.

    Source: yahoo!hk
    Trans: sharingyoochun.net
    Shared by: SmilingPrince @ Mickyoochun.net

    As i mentioned, There's no Yoochun regarding in this article, But ... But ... Since TOP was mentioned, i guessed i shall just mention our dear yoochun.

    Do you know HyunJoong, JaeJoong, YooChun and Top are best friends? If you don't , well now you should know =P They always hang out together whenever they have their holidays or during their free time. And they used to say they're the 'F4'. Hahahs. I was wondering, if Yoochun were to act in 'F4', which character suits him?

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    Re: [TRANS] HyunJoong and Jaejoong Traveling in Vancouver.

    Post by shana on Sat 16 Jan - 9:51

    I would definitely vote for Yoochun being the lady killer one in F4 i just can't see him with any other role better than that

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