100121 TVXQ, First Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ's 35 Year History!


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    100121 TVXQ, First Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ's 35 Year History!

    Post by shana on Thu 21 Jan - 7:07

    First Time Ever!! Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ!

    The group who has the top -class popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan prepared a big surprise for their fans.

    A treasure shot the five members wearing a black and a gray suit gathering together appears in a cool expression will be on a cover of the woman fashion magazine "JJ" in March 2010.
    (*Their cover may appear at JJ site on January 23rd.JJ normally provide a free down load of the front page here. http://jj-m.jp/download.html Ah~~~cannot wait them to upload~~~!!!)

    It is the first splendid achievement in history that a male group to appear in JJ woman's magazine. Usually, woman celebrities or contracted models decorate the cover of this magazine which greets their 35th periodical foundation anniversary.

    The first page gravure for eight pages carries TVXQ in the space too. It also presents "100 questions and 100 answers" that a member openly confesses from their work to their private life, also an autographed photograph, not to mention an individual photographs, on top of that, there are more appendix plans to please fans all fully packed in this edition.

    According to the person who is in charge of the planning department of Kobunsha, when JJ featured serialization of TVXQ from March through May last year, the responses by the readers were splendid; they planned to print "TVXQ cover & the first page, a special surprise edition".

    They continued offering their idea to TVXQ from last summer, and it I finally managed to reach the realization. The person in charge said, "It includes articles of the private questions which all fans wanted to know. We represented fans and cross fired them with tons of questions."

    The photography and the interview were performed in a studio in Tokyo at the end of December, last year. They had full schedule to perform at NHK Red and White Singing Contest and also for the preparation of the record grand prix award, but the interview time exceeded an original plan, and five members were eager to answer them together, and that it became the spot where it was filled with the laughter.

    Their new song "BREAK OUT!" will appear on January 27th. And they will release their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" on February 17.

    Their activities will attract our attention more and more in the future.

    2010.1.21 05:04

    Always Keep The Faith!

    Credit: Sankei Sports News + DNBN (pics)
    Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
    Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

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    Re: 100121 TVXQ, First Male Group To Be The Cover Page of JJ's 35 Year History!

    Post by shana on Fri 22 Jan - 9:58

    Translation of the interview, Yoochun's part only Very Happy


    Q. Do you have any Valentine's Day memories?
    Last year, my brother's girlfriend gave me one tiny piece of chocolate. It was painful, but I was happy. (laugh)

    Q. Is there any gesture that females make that you think is "loveable"? The gesture that attracts you?
    I like to see them washing up or without make up, which is rare. I don't really like it if they use vulgarities.

    Q. What is the thing that makes you go 「キュン♥️」 when girls talk to you? (T/N: makes your heart race)
    When they compliment me on a song that I created.

    Q. Food that you want the person you like to make for you?
    Home-cooked food, things like miso soup with tofu...

    Q. Where did you go for your first date?
    The road that is the return route from school to my girlfriend's house.

    Q. When your in love, are you the devoted type (T/N: sticky) or indifferent type?
    Whether it's contacting or meeting up, I'm the devoted type.

    Q. Do you change your attitude in front of girls?
    In front of my girlfriend, I do, because I want to show my true self.

    Q. Your dreams when you were a child?
    A basketball player or car racer.

    Q. A part of your own body that you like?
    I love my wide forehead. You can even play soccer on this forehead! (Editor's note: For heading)
    (T/N: Yuchun meant that his forehead is big enough for you to play soccer on it, but the Editor misinterpreted it.)

    Q. Something you absolutely have to do or somewhere you must go when you come to Japan?
    Ramen shop.

    Q. The good things about Japan, America and Korea?
    For Japan,the food is delicious no matter what it is! America is a country with a lot of freedom. Korea is where I live together with my family.

    Q. You performed Taekwondo (T/N: Korean martial art) in front of the Korean President before, what was it that got you started?
    I started learning it when I joined the Scouts in Third Grade.

    Q. What's the latest fashion you've gotten into?
    Ugg boots style!

    Q. What kind of accessory do you always wear?
    A silver present that I received from my younger brother. It's my amulet.

    Q. Right now, is there anything that you are collecting?
    Plates. Although I can't cook, it makes me feel good when I see pretty plates. I buy the plates and give them to my mother as a present.

    Q. What is a Japanese word that you remember recently?
    「ご机嫌うるわしゅう」 (T/N: A very proper way of greeting someone)

    Q. A song you must sing in the Karaoke?
    Masaharu Fukuyama's 「最愛 」 (T/N: "Saiai": Beloved)

    Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
    The photography seems to be really difficult.

    Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
    I like the simple and natural pants style. For hairstyle, I think it's better if it the style suits the person, but basically, as long as it's not too complicated.

    Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
    Valentine's Day is already coming soon?? (laugh) 「ご机嫌うるわしゅう」

    Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
    Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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