[TRANS] Tohoshinki To Sing Theme Song For Yosakoi Movie 『君が踊る、夏』


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    [TRANS] Tohoshinki To Sing Theme Song For Yosakoi Movie 『君が踊る、夏』

    Post by natsunohanabi on Mon 8 Feb - 7:22

    "Yosakoi" = dance originating in Kochi Prefecture using "naruko";
    『君が踊る、夏』 = "Kimi ga odoru, natsu" / The Summer You Danced)

    7 February, it was revealed that the 5-member Korean group, Tohoshinki,
    will be singing the main theme song, 「With All My Heart ~The Summer You
    Danced~」, for the movie 『The Summer You Danced』 (Director: Hideyuki
    Katsuki), which airs in September.
    This song is recorded as
    the 8th track in CD2 of the 2CD+DVD version of their first Japanese
    best album, 『BEST SELECTION 2010』. It is a refreshing ballad brimming
    with passion.

    Previously, their song 「Together」 was the theme
    song for the anime movie 『Cinnamon the Movie』 (2007), and although
    their songs were included in the sound tracks for 『The Blue Wolf: To
    the Ends of the Earth and Sea』 (2007) and 『Subaru』 (2009), this will be
    their first main theme song for a live action movie.

    This film
    is set on the dance stage for the Yasakoi Festival during summer in
    Kochi Prefecture, and it is a youthful film that portrays the lead
    character's struggles to fulfill the dreams of a 7 year old girl
    suffering from an incurable disease, who risks her life to dance the
    Yosakoi. With regards to the selection, the
    producer, Arikawa, said, "Tohoshinki is the most suitable choice to
    send the message of 'Courage and Hope' through song and dance, to the
    youths in Asia."

    Mizobata Junpei
    plays the lead character who aims to become a professional
    photographer. Sakura (Ayane Oomori), together with her older sister
    (Haruka Kinami) revives the disbanded Yosakoi Festival dance team
    「Ichimujin」, in order to fulfill the promise of dancing the Yosakoi

    The cast are training extra hard and their biggest
    scene is the Yosakoi Festival which included the participation of 1,200
    extras on the set. In addition, the movie will also star Igarashi
    Shunji, DAIGO, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Miyazaki Yoshiki, Takashima Masahiro
    and Takashima Reiko.

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