[TRANS] 100220 A message from the resort that TVXQ went to


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    [TRANS] 100220 A message from the resort that TVXQ went to

    Post by bubblesoul on Sun 21 Feb - 3:03

    Let's read. I guess Yedawol becomes a attractive place for Cassies to visit too ^^.

    I had never imagined that TVXQ’s interview at 예다울 (Yedawol) would attract so much attention!
    to TVXQ’s fans for so many comments. (I hope everyone will divert all
    those warm-hearted attention into the concern of our 예다울!)

    in order to satisfy fan’s curiosity, we will post up pictures that only
    the owner of 예다울 (Yedawol) has! (*Weep* I had no other ideas what to
    do! ㅠ.ㅠ)
    (T/N : He is describing the situation when the picture was taken)
    Honk Honk! A handsome young man driving a charming car — Micky Yoochun!
    The in-love-with-cars owner of 예다울 (Yedawol) heart beats twice as fast as he saw Micky.
    Later, he took a picture with his camera, but at a distance as far as possible! (What a coward! Haha!)

    Anyways, on that day when TVXQ arrived, it was raining heavily and it was dangerous to drive on the road.
    Fortunately, no accidents happened and the vehicle was not damaged.
    The manager was worried and asked whether the boys were tired, yet they kept smiling and everyone felt glad.
    However, JaeJoong was a bit shy as he didn’t spoke alot. I understand that it’s our first time meeting and
    there were no topics that we could discuss about, but I see he was trying his best by giving his smile.

    The boys said that they didn’t know that 예다울 (Yedawol) had an entertainment room,
    hence, they suggested that they should play for a while since they were already here.
    Even though it’s time to leave the place, the boys continued to play “Battle of the Iron Fists”
    and Jae Joong was so serious at it!
    I originally planned to buy a CD and request for their autographs, who knows, there was a snow storm!
    In such a situation, I had no choice but to replace the CD with a white A4 paper.
    (Micky said if there’s the need, he is willing to sign for more.)
    Later, we went for a BBQ and I asked Micky if he needed any thing, to my surprise, he answered “I need love.” (T/N : LOL)
    It was getting late and the boys were heading back. Despite the cold temperature, they didn’t close the window (of the car)
    and greeted us with new year blessings.
    At that moment, I thought to myself, “They are really people who are polite and respectful!”

    After the visit of TVXQ, colleagues discussed for a long time and we thought that celebrities were cold and scary.
    To our surprise, they were even nicer than normal people, to the extend that I can’t describe using praises!
    I hope that they will stay strong, rise as Asia’s handsome TVXQ and be recognized by the world!
    Our staff will always support you!
    Fans of TVXQ, please support TVXQ more!

    source: yedawol
    translation: Lynn @ OneTVXQ.com
    special thanks: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
    credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

    / i seriously need to get the address of Yedowal before i go korea.
    and visit the same arcade place where Yoochun & JaeJoong played. hahaha!

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