[TRANS] 100523 2010 Yoochun’s Birthday Book 5-Word-Talk Answers


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    [TRANS] 100523 2010 Yoochun’s Birthday Book 5-Word-Talk Answers

    Post by fiona on Wed 16 Jun - 19:42

    What did you do today?
    I washed my car

    What do you do in your free time?
    Random mumblings

    Your travel route?
    Going to Japan frequently

    What is the exercise you have been doing a lot lately?
    Breathing exercises

    What is your sleeping habit?
    Why do you want to know for?

    What is your IQ?
    I think it is in the negative numbers

    What do you hate most?
    Needles and dust

    What do you want to eat?
    Radish kimchi noodles

    What is your best dish?
    Fried eggs

    Your favourite actress is Kim Tae Hee?
    It will always be Kim Tae Hee

    What do you look for in appearances?
    First impression

    Do you like older women?
    Suitable older women

    How about younger girls?
    Girls nowadays…

    When are we pretty?

    Will you only look at me?
    That is a bit too greedy

    The person you treasure most?
    Each other

    What are you known for in your family?
    Ability to nag

    The gender of a tree?
    It has seeds

    Do you like games?
    Quite, recently

    Your recent favourite song?
    Ryoo Jaeho’s songs.

    How many songs do you have in your MP?
    25,000 songs

    Any books you have been reading lately?
    I’ve been reading scripts

    Do you bathe frequently?
    Do you?

    Is your underwear boxer shorts?
    Tight-fitting boxer shorts

    The secret to your milky skin?
    Smiling frequently

    Do you often look into the mirror?
    Only when I am out

    What you are most confident of?
    My wide forehead

    Where do you shop?
    Recently in Japan

    Why do you like flip-flops?
    It’s cooling for my feet

    Type of red wine you recommend?
    As long as you drink it, it’s all alcohol

    Which aspect are you good in financially?

    Who were you in your previous life?
    I was illegitimate

    If you were a woman?
    I would be murdered a lot of times…

    Any place where you can be alone?
    Half-baths are good

    How old are you Yoochun?
    Shall I let you see my identity card?

    Your dream when you were younger?
    The place where Turbo sang (The group Kim Jung Kuk was from previously)

    Is this questionnaire meaningful?
    I’m sleepy

    Are you happy now?
    Very happy

    What are your plans this year?
    I’ll be very busy?

    How will I be like in 5 years?
    Probably enlisted into the army?

    Who are the fans to you?
    How do I say…thank you

    Any last words?
    I’ll say it next year…

    Source: Mr PARK + baiduTVXQ
    Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
    Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
    Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!
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    Re: [TRANS] 100523 2010 Yoochun’s Birthday Book 5-Word-Talk Answers

    Post by 4ever_YooChun~ on Thu 17 Jun - 1:00

    fiona wrote:
    What is your IQ?
    I think it is in the negative numbers

    Do you bathe frequently?
    Do you?

    Do you bathe frequently?
    And his answer is just "Do you?"
    Btw, thx for sharing this...

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